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Microsoft Rolls Out the Release Candidate for TypeScript 2.0

Microsoft’s free and open source JavaScript subset, TypeScript 2.0, has been moved from beta to the release candidate. There are no new features available, but some have been added since the beta.

Intel Announces 7th Gen Kaby Lake Processors, Release in September

The new Kaby Lake CPU will offer 4K capability, as well as significantly increased gaming, web browsing ,and video editing performance.
Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage Rolls Out Five New Projects

The hot streak of Microsoft Garage is continuing with photo oriented Santorini, writing app Write Ideas, Hearing AI, and two new web add-ins.

Mojang Releases Free “Tumble” Mini-Game for Consoles

The new Minecraft Tumble mini-game pits players against each other as they try and knock the ground underneath each other's feet. The update also comes with three new Battle maps: Castle, Invasion, and Shipyard.

Microsoft Video Shows New Windows 10 Anniversary Update Accessibility Features

Microsoft used the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to roll out new accessibility features for the visually impaired. The company says users with visual problems can upgrade to the Anniversary Update for free over a limited time.

Windows Platform Will Take 11.3% of Tablet Market this Year Says IDC

Microsoft’s Windows platform is getting consistent market growth in the tablet space. The IDC says growth will continue through the next few years as consumers switch to consumer-oriented hardware.

Microsoft Says Migration Early 2017 Message Was Wrong, Coming in 2016

After a message from the company suggested the migration would be delayed until 2017. Luckily it seems there was an error and the switch will be completed this year.

Microsoft Apologizes for Bing Translator Describing Saudi Arabia as ISIS

Bing Translator used an Arabic pejorative word for the Islamic State to describe Saudi Arabia. Microsoft has apologized and said the translators easy to manipulate algorithms have now been changed.

Office for iOS and Mac: Microsoft Reveals Upcoming Features

New HTML files on a Microsoft site suggest some of the changes that are coming to Office on Mac and iOS as part of the September update. These include Focus Mode, Smart Lookup and more.

Bing Rewards Begins Changeover to Microsoft Rewards, Sends Users Notifications

Microsoft's rebranded reward scheme has now begun rolling out to customers, who have noticed new notifications in their action panel about the service.

Microsoft’s New Catapult v2 Servers Intended for AI

Microsoft's new Catapult v2 server design contains innovations in FPGA chips which results in better natural language processing and acceleration.

Microsoft Confirms the Xbox One S Doesn’t Support 4K Pass-Through

Microsoft has now issued a statement on the Xbox One S and 4K pass through. The console does not have the ability, but the company is considering implementation as the resolution gains popularity.