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ProShot Is Now Available on Windows 10 Devices

Rise Up Game's new ProShot camera application has now officially launched and comes with manual video settings, support for RAW files, a new UI and more.

Microsoft Photos Appears in Xbox Store, Coming Soon

Microsoft Photos has now appeared on the Xbox Store, but users have been disappointed to find that opening it results in a "Coming soon" dialogue.

Microsoft Introduces Cortana on the Xbox One in France, Italy, Germany and Spain

The latest Xbox One Preview release sees Cortana arrive in the remaining four EU5 nations. Microsoft has already made the service available in the UK, as well as the US.

Dropbox Wants Long-Time Users to Change their Passwords

Dropbox insists there has been no breach. The company is shoring up security measures in the wake of several high profile leaks and hacks.

Privacy Shield Now Covers 200 Companies, Inlcuding Microsoft

Ninety companies are now registered for the new Privacy Shield framework, and among them is Microsoft, who has also listed a number of subsidiaries.

Microsoft Repaying Xbox Fitness Customers, but Should They Get More?

After announcing the closure of Xbox Fitness, consumers have been left wondering what happens with the content they purchased. Microsoft is now offering credits to some users, but are they entitled to have the video content redistributed?

Microsoft Sites Not Working Through Google Chrome

Users are reporting that accessing Microsoft official web locations through the Chrome browser is turning up “site not found” results. There is an easy fix to solve the issue, although Microsoft and Google are not explaining the cause.

Microsoft Details Halo App for Windows 10

After announcing the app a few days ago, Microsoft has fleshed out some of the minor details of the Halo app for Windows 10. The service will be a hub for the Halo community and will launch alongside the Forge map editor in September.

Microsoft Launches OneNote Web Clipper for Firefox

The OneNote Web Clipper is now available to browsers on Firefox, after previously launching on Microsoft Edge and Chrome. The service lets users clip parts of webpages, edit them, and share the edits.

Fake Windows Update Used By New Fantom Ransomware

A new type of ransomware called Fantom has been discovered. It pretends to be a Windows Update and is designed to look authentic to unsuspecting Microsoft Windows users. There is no known fix for this attack yet.

Microsoft Announces iOS App Store Extension for Visual Studio Team Services

The new extension allows for continuous delivery of iOS applications via the app store, supporting TestFlight, metadata, and screenshots.

Microsoft Announces Office 365 Accessibility Updates

Coming this quarter to Microsoft Office 365 is the accessibility tracker for Office on Mac, Export as tagged PDF functionality, high contrast mode changes and more.