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Microsoft Azure Government Scores Highest Security Accreditation from US Government

FedRAMP approves of the security features in Microsoft’s Azure Government cloud platform, awarding the service its highest accreditation mark.

Microsoft Office 365 Education gets Support from Learning Platform Hapara

Cloud-based education service Hapara announced its service will arrive on Office 365 Education with OneNote integration and key learning tools.

Microsoft Ventures Invests in Data Sales Service Outreach

After investing in two startups earlier in the month, newly formed Microsoft Ventures is investing in Outreach, helping the company through Series B funding round.

Microsoft Updates Language Capabilities of Text Analytics API

Text Analytics API is the company’s tool for extracting data from text, and can now provide sentiment analysis and key phrase extraction in a number of languages.

Microsoft’s Battle with US Government is about Silk Road Administrator

The data privacy case being fought between Microsoft and the US Government is about Silk Road administrator Gary Davis, a new report suggests.

Browser Wars: Opera Hits Back at Microsoft Over Edge Battery Life Test

Opera says Microsoft’s recent test to show the power efficiency of Edge was not accurate, and its own test shows Opera saves the most battery.

Image Graph: Microsoft Takes Bing Image Search Experience to a New Level

The Image Graph team gathered feedback and usage patterns for Bing’s Image search. From these, they determined that users mostly use Bing’s Image Search...

Microsoft Gives Skype an Infrastructure Upgrade

For the upcoming infrastructure upgrade, Microsoft hopes to enlist the help of Skype Insiders who can serve as early adopters. They can also provide...