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Microsoft Azure AD Facing Potential Cross-Tenant Synchronization Attack Surface

A new attack vector has been discovered that can be used to gain unauthorized access to Azure AD CTS.

Microsoft Entra ID: Rebranded Azure AD with New Entra AI and Entra Data Features

Microsoft Entra ID is the new name for Azure Active Directory, with two new features: Entra AI and Entra Data.

Microsoft Addresses Azure AD nOAuth Flaw Allowing Account Takeover

Microsoft has resolved a serious security vulnerability in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication. The flaw, known as "nOAuth," which was revealed by the...

Microsoft Opens Public Preview for Azure AD Multi-Stage Reviews

Microsoft Azure AD access reviews now allow multi-stage reviews that can be done in sequence and make reviews more efficient.

Microsoft Azure AD Single Sign-On is Now Unlimited and Free

Microsoft says Azure AD SSO is available for free and allows admins to work across an unlimited number of cloud apps.
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Microsoft Increases Azure AD Password Limit to 256 Characters

Microsoft is making Azure AD passwords more secure by increasing the character limit from the previous restrictive 16 limit.

Microsoft Authenticator for iOS Gets Password-Free Login for Azure AD

Users of Microsoft Authenticator for iOS at work or school can now sign-in without the need for a password, greatly speeding up the process.
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Microsoft Retires Classic Azure AD Admin Experience

Since launching the new Azure AD admin center, customers have not needed the classic Azure portal experience as much. Microsoft has announced it will retire the control on November 30.
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Microsoft Releases ‘Windows 10 Accounts’ Chrome Extension for Automatic Sign-in to Azure AD Services

Windows 10 Accounts lets Azure AD users sign into their regular account and experience automatic sign-in on Office 365, OneDrive for Business, and more. It's available today in the Chome web store.

Microsoft Unifies Azure AD and Microsoft Account Log-in Experience

Currently in public preview, Azure AD and Microsoft Account log-in methods are now the same. Azure Active Directory also receives a new two-form authentication process.

Microsoft Brings PingAccess to Azure AD

Azure AD now supports PingAccess in Application Proxy, allowing customers to get single sign-on and remote access on applications that use header authentication.
Azure AD ID Protection Microsoft

Microsoft Updates Azure AD Identity Protection with Audit History and Approval Workflow

The new Azure AD Identity Protection features come with a revamped UI, and lets admins properly manage requests for network roles, and users easily see the status of roles they've applied for. It's currently available in preview for Azure AD Premium P2 users.
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Microsoft Announces General Availability of New Azure AD Admin Console

The Azure AD Admin Console gives users control from a new dashboard, complete with capabilities like holistic access views, sign-in activity streams, and more.
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Microsoft Rolls Back Azure AD Login Changes After Customer Complaints

Three weeks ago, Microsoft changed the branding logic for Azure AD. Customers were unimpressed so the company has decided to revert to the old methods.

Microsoft Announces Azure AD B2B Collaboration General Availability

The Azure Active Directory business-to-business is a set of collaboration capabilities which enable organizations using Azure AD to work safely and securely with users from other organizations.

Microsoft Brings Azure Advisor, Monitor, and Resource Health Capabilities to All Customers

Azure customers can now use Advisor, Monitor, and Resource Health to expand their ability to manage security and health of virtual machines on Azure.
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Microsoft to Preview PingAccess For Azure AD Premium on March 24

The company has teamed with Ping Identity Solutions to bring single sign-on capabilities to Azure AD Premium. Subscribers can preview the tool starting Friday, bringing new authentication methods to legacy apps.
Azure AD Services Microsoft Official

Microsoft Introduces Group License Management for Azure AD

Azure AD customers can now distribute and manage group licensing policies more quickly and efficiently with the new group-based management solution for Office 365.
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Microsoft Combines Azure AD with SailPoint for Identity Governance Improvements

Azure AD customers can now get improved identity governance thanks to a new collaboration between Microsoft and SailPoint.
Conditional Access Azure AD Microsoft

Microsoft Generally Releases Azure AD Conditional Access Policies

Azure AD conditional access is available on Windows, Android, and iOS, and gives admins the power to manage restrictions on corporate devices.

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