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Microsoft’s New Azure SQL Database SLA Provides Industry Best Uptime

Microsoft has this week announced the 99.995 percent SLA for Azure SQL Database, providing best-in-class uptime.

Microsoft Moves Azure SQL Data Sync to General Availability

Now that Azure SQL Data Sync is generally available, all users can enjoy the data syncing service with some extra new abilities added on top.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse Targets Amazon Redscale with Compute Upscale

Compute Optimized Gen2 tier is now widely available for Azure SQL Data Warehouse, with mooted performance above Amazon Redshift.

Microsoft Significantly Increases Azure SQL Data Warehouse Computing Power

Microsoft’s Azure SQL Data Warehouse platform has been scaled up to 18,000 DWU, meeting demand of customers who need petabyte scale analysis.
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Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse Is Now Generally Available in Four New Regions

Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse is now available in Germany Central, Germany Northeast, Korea Central, and Korea South. It comes with an SLA availability of 99.9%, and gives Microsoft the widest coverage of any provider.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Gets 4TB Storage Increase and Premium RS

With a new update to Azure SQL Database, customers have a new database called Premium RS, which is ideal for specific types of databases. Premium P11 and P15 customers now have increased storage options, with up to 4TB available.

Microsoft Azure SQL Database Threat Detection Launching April 2017

Microsoft has confirmed that the Azure SQL Database Threat Detection service will soon be generally available and will cost $15 per server per month. The added security layer warns customers about potential threats and helps them solve the issues.
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Microsoft Introduces Data Integration from Azure Data Lake Store to Azure SQL DW

Azure SQL Data Warehouse customers can now import and export data directly from Azure Data Lake Store. The integration means Azure SQL DW now supports all Azure storage types.
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Microsoft Doubles Azure SQL Database Read and Write Performance

In a blog post, Microsoft said by enhancing read and write performance in Azure SQL Database, customers get more cost effectiveness and can run more intense workloads.
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Microsoft Updates Azure SQL Data Warehouse with Improved Loading and Monitoring in Azure Portal...

Microsoft has rolled out a significant update to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Improvements to the Azure portal and SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) have...
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Microsoft Releases Community Technical Preview 1 of Azure SQL Database Management Pack

The updated Azure SQL Database Management Pack is now available for public preview. Until the final release Microsoft plans further performance improvements.
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Microsoft Adds More Elastic Pool Choices for Azure SQL Database

New price-performance choices give Azure SQL Database customers more options for elastic pools. Microsoft says there is greater scale and more cost effectiveness across a greater ranger of price points.
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Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse Now Supports Creation of Secondary Indexes on Column Store...

The new feature will significantly speed up the process of looking up queries in SQL Data Warehouse.
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Azure SQL Database Now Supports Backup Retention for 10 Years

Microsoft announced that the backup retention of Azure SQL Database has been significantly increased. The service will also make automatic weekly backups of all databases.
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Azure SQL Database Scores Temporal Tables

Temporal Tables in Azure AQL Database helps customers to manage their data in more detail. Users can track data history throughout their databases.
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Microsoft’s Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gets Support for New Data Collations

Azure SQL Data Warehouse users can now choose between over 3800 collations when creating a database, and can now change the default collation type with ease.
Azure Data Warehouse Resource Blade

Microsoft Releases New Azure SQL Data Warehouse Resource Blade

Azure's new SQL data warehouse blade automatically scans for metrics such as Name Status, Pricing tier and Location to provide an easier management experience.
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Azure SQL Data Warehouse Launches in New Regions

Microsoft has rolled out its deep analytics and huge data management service Azure SQL Data Warehouse to four new regions, expanding its general availability to 18 regions in total.
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Microsoft’s New P15 Performance Level for Azure SQL Now Available

P15 offers 4000DTUs, and 1TB of storage, allowing for fast and simultaneous real-time analytics and transaction processing.
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Azure SQL Data Warehouse: Microsoft´s Cloud-Based Scale-out Database Is Now Generally Available

The Data Warehouse service managed by Microsoft can be provisioned in minutes, process massive volumes of data and scale up dynamically when needed.