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Microsoft Edge Gets New Security Tools to Handle Unfamiliar Sites

Microsoft Edge now has an enhanced security mode that will allow users to have basic, balanced, or strict protection against unfamiliar sites.

Microsoft Edge Gains Market Ground on Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge market share increases again on desktop as the browser continues to gain ground on Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge Launches Command Palette for Fast Feature Access

Microsoft Edge has a new Command Palette that lets users call up common features on the web browser.

Bill Gates Pledges $20 Billion to His Gates Foundation Charity

Bill Gates will give $20 billion to the Gates Foundation, a donation that will see him leave the global rich list.

Microsoft Edge to Get Features from the Windows Photos App

Microsoft Edge on Canary channel builds now has photo editing tools directly from the Windows Photos application.

Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Is Now a Part of Windows 10

Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime is now connected with Windows 10 instead of the previous method of distributing the solutions across devices.

Microsoft Edge to Pull Data from Chrome on Every Launch

Microsoft Edge now has an automatic import on launch tool that connects to Google Chrome, allowing more seamless integration of user data.

Microsoft Edge “Secure Network” VPN Officially Arrives

Microsoft Edge Secure Network is now available on Canary builds as a built-in browser VPN for secure connections.

Microsoft’s Project Haven to Bring Kubernetes to Windows Edge Devices

At Build 2022, Microsoft will discuss Project Haven, which is Kubernetes support for Windows devices on edge computing.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network Brings a Free VPN to Edge

With Microsoft Edge Secure Network, users get a free integrated VPN powered by Cloudflare offering 1GB of data.
Featured - How to Delete Downloads From Your Computer

How to Delete Downloads on Windows 11 (Incl. Chrome, Edge, or Firefox)

We show you how to clear downloads on Windows 11 using File Explorer, as well as how to clear automatic downloads from your browser cache.

Microsoft Edge Canary Gets Ability to Pause Extensions

Users on the Microsoft Edge Canary channel can now pause web extensions, including a new automatic feature.
Featured - How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

We show you how to remove bookmarks in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, using both the bookmark bar/flyout and the bookmark manager.

Microsoft Edge Sleeping Tabs Get Perfromance Boost

Sleeping Tabs on Microsoft Edge are getting an update through version 100 of the web browser, making new performance gains.
Featured - How to delete history on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera

How to Clear Browser History on Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera

We show you how to clear your browsing history completely or partially in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Overtakes Safari as Second Most Popular Desktop Browser

Statcounter reports Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular browser on desktop, besting Apple’s Safari.

Microsoft Edge Workspaces Return to Canary Channel

Workspaces allows multiple customized tab windows on Microsoft Edge. The feature has made a reappearance in a Canary build.

Microsoft Edge and Chrome Face Vulnerability That Is Already Exploited in the Wild

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge has updates that fix a zero-day vulnerability in the V8 engine in Chromium that is in the wild.

Microsoft Bests Tech Rivals to Top Ranking of Companies Sticking to Their Climate Pledges

Microsoft has received top marks for sticking to its environment pledges, while Facebook and Tesla are falling behind.

Western Digital EdgeRover Causing Vulnerabilities on Windows and Mac

Western Digital has confirmed a vulnerability in its EdgeRover app affecting Windows and Mac, but a fix is already available.