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Microsoft Enhances Edge Canary with New Copilot Features

Microsoft tests AI assistant Copilot in Edge Canary settings to simplify user experience. Banner offers suggestions and access to Copilot
Featured - How to Clear Cookies, Site Data, Cache for specific website in Chrome, Edge, Firefox

How to Clear Cookies, Cache, and Site Data for a Specific Site in Chrome,...

We show you how to clear cookies for a specific site in Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, as well as the cache and site data.

Arm Unveils Ethos-U85 NPU for Enhanced AI Performance at the Edge

Arm's new Ethos-U85 NPU quadruples AI performance on edge devices for faster image recognition and future generative AI uses.

Microsoft Officially Acknowledges Windows 11 2024 LTSC Amidst Installation Bypass Revelations

Strict Windows 11 requirements frustrate users who find workarounds. Microsoft acknowledges them but prioritizes security with Windows 11 LTSC

Microsoft Unveils Privacy-Centric Ad Selection API for Edge Browser

Microsoft unveils privacy-focused ad system (Ad Selection API) for Edge browser. It aims to replace tracking cookies but raises concerns from privacy advocates

Xbox Series X|S Games and Beyond: Microsoft’s Pledge for Backward Compatibility

Microsoft forms new team to ensure games from past Xbox generations are playable on future consoles, showing commitment to backward compatibility and game preservation in the industry.

How to Enable Picture in Picture on Chrome, Edge, Opera and Co.

We show you how to enable and use Picture-in-Picture mode in Chrome using the extension, which activates a floating YouTube player in one click.

How to Turn on Caret Browsing in Chrome, Edge, and Other Chromium Browsers

We show you how turn on caret browsing on or off in Windows 10, as well as how to use it to select text in Chrome, Edge, and other browsers.

Microsoft Edge Canary for Android Introduces Extension Support

Microsoft's Edge Canary browser on Android now lets you install extensions, similar to desktop browsers.
Featured - How to Change the Default Search Engine of Your Browser

How to Change the Default Search Engine in Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, and Firefox

Need to know how to change your default search engine or make Google your default search engine? This tutorial will show you how on all of the major browsers.

Microsoft Rolls Out Significant Updates to Edge Copilot, Introducing Higher Character Limits

Microsoft Edge Copilot gets a big boost! Character limit doubled for complex inputs, chat history deletion in 3 clicks
Featured - How to Disable (and Enable) JavaScript in Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera

How to Enable or Disable Javascript in Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Opera

We show you how to disable or enable JavaScript in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera, both permanently and temporarily.

Microsoft Edge to Introduce Game View Feature for Enhanced Gaming Experience

Microsoft's Edge browser gets "Game View" for PC gamers (Insider access only). This feature offers game tips and suggestions
How to hide bookmark bar in Chrome, Edge and Firefox

How to Show or Hide the Bookmark Bar in Chrome, Edge and Firefox

We show you how to show or hide the bookmark bar (favorites bar) in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge using a variety of methods.

Microsoft Edge to Enhance PDF Experience with Adobe Acrobat Integration

Microsoft and Adobe join forces to improve PDF viewing in Edge. A new Adobe Acrobat PDF engine will be integrated into Edge

Mistral AI Maintains Open Source Pledge in the Wake of a Major Microsoft Collaboration

Mistral assures it will remain open-source following Microsoft's $2 billion investment into the AI startup.

OpenAI Hires Quantum Physicist to Explore Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

OpenAI hired a quantum computing expert, Ben Bartlett, to explore using quantum tech for more powerful AI models.
Cognition Labs Devin AI Software Engineer official

Cognition Unveils Full-Fledged AI Software Engineer “Devin”

Cognition's new AI, Devin, is an autonomous software engineer that writes, debugs, and deploys code.

Microsoft Edge Dev Unveils New PDF Tools and Performance Improvements in Its Latest Release

Microsoft Edge Dev update (version 124.0.2438.2) brings new features for PDF users and improved browser stability.
Featured - How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

How to Delete Bookmarks on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

We show you how to remove bookmarks in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, using both the bookmark bar/flyout and the bookmark manager.

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