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Google to Reinstate Gemini AI Image-Generating Capabilities with Adjusted Calibration

Google pauses image generation on its AI model, Gemini, due to historically inaccurate depictions of race. Coming back within weeks.

Google Temporarily Halts Image Generation in Gemini AI Due to Bias Concerns

Google fixes discriminatory skin tone bias in AI image generation, temporarily halts feature.

Microsoft Leverages AI for Behind-Screen Image Restoration Technology

Microsoft patents AI tech to fix blurry images from "behind-screen" cameras in phones and computers.

OpenAI Enhances DALL-E 3 with C2PA Watermarks for Transparent Image Origins

OpenAI adds watermarks to AI-generated images to combat misinformation. The watermark, featuring C2PA logo and creation date

Google Unveils New Generative AI Trio: ImageFX, MusicFX, and TextFX

Google's ImageFX, MusicFX, and TextFX offer AI-powered tools for image, music, and text creation.

FBI Adopts Amazon Rekognition for Image Analysis in Project Tyr

The FBI is using Amazon's Rekognition cloud service to analyze visual content for nudity, weaponry, and explosives.

Microsoft Distances AI Offerings from Bing Brand, Introduces ‘Image Creator from Designer’

Microsoft rebrands again! Bing Image Creator is now Image Creator from Designer, joining Copilot Pro, a new $20/month AI subscription.

Microsoft Bob Reimagined: Developer Launches MSBob for Windows 11 Users

Modern Bob lands on Windows 11! Inspired by its '94 namesake, MSBob tackles UI/UX issues with web tech & customizability.

Midjourney Version 6: Enhanced Realism and Detailed Imagery

Midjourney V6: AI imagery leaps forward with text rendering, realism, and new prompts. The model is launching this week.

Microsoft Edge 121 Beta Introduces Long-Awaited AVIF Image Format Support

Edge 121 Beta catches up with rivals, finally supporting AVIF images for better web visuals with smaller file sizes. This puts Edge on par with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

Bing Image Creator Plans Integration with OneDrive for Longer Artwork Preservation

Microsoft extended Bing Image Creator's art storage to 90 days, responding to user demand. Integration with OneDrive is under consideration for long-term storage.

Meta Launches ‘Imagine with Meta,’ an AI-Powered Image Generator

Meta unveils AI image generator "Imagine with Meta", lets you build images with friends in "Reimagine", and adds invisible watermarks for accountability.

RunwayML Joins Forces with Getty Images to Unveil New AI Video Generation Model

Runway ML and Getty Images join forces to create RGM, an AI model for custom video content in industries like Hollywood, advertising, and media.

AI Image Generation Can Consume As Much Energy As 950 Smartphone Charges, Study Finds

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and Hugging Face have measured the carbon footprint of various AI models

Microsoft Designer Integrates DALL-E 3 AI for Enhanced Image Creation

Microsoft Designer now supports DALL-E 3, OpenAI's advanced AI art generation model, allowing users to create rich, detailed images from simple text prompts.

Google Performance Max Gets Generative AI Image Editing Tools for Advertisers

The AI tools are designed to enable marketers to generate personalized, high-quality assets quickly.

Samsung Launches Gauss AI Language, Code, and Image Models

The Gauss system comprises three distinct modules, each serving specific functions aimed at optimizing efficiency and creativity within tech applications.

Stability AI Unveils Advanced 3D Modeling and Enhanced Image Tools for Stable Diffusion

Stability AI has announced major improvements to Stable Diffusion, including better 3D modelling capabilities and image enhancing tools.

AI Image Generators Stability AI and Midjourney Win Partial Victory in Court against Artists

Stability AI, Midjourney, and DeviantArt Win Partial Victory in Court Against Artists. A group of artists accused the companies of using their work to train an AI software

Google Enhances Bard AI with Email Summarization and Image Sharing

Bard can now provide concise summaries of their emails, especially when they are looking for the most recent updates.

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