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Adobe acroat ai assistant official

Adobe Acrobat Integrates Firefly AI-Powered Image Tools

Acrobat adds a new Generate Image tool with Generative Fill, Remove Background, Erase, and Crop.
AI fakes misinformation via arxiv

Study Unveils Tsunami of AI Images Spreading Misinformation

Researchers caution that the problem of AI-generated misinformation may be more severe than reported.
Windows Phone Link App Text OCR

Windows Phone Link Gets Text Selection from Images on Android Phones

Phone Link's new feature allows text selection directly within the app, eliminating the need for additional steps.

Biden Administration Targets AI-Driven Sexual Abuse Imagery

The goal is to dismantle the financial incentives behind image-based sexual abuse, with a particular focus on websites that advertise explicit images of minors.

Elon Musk’s xAI Enhances Grok with Multimodal Image and Text Capabilities

The Grok model from xAI is moving into multimodal capabilities to compete with OpenAI's recently launched GPT-4o.
Google VEO AI Video generation official

Google Launches Veo Video AI and Imagen 3 Models

Veo uses natural language and visual semantics to produce videos extending beyond one minute.

Meta’s New AI Feature Transforms Text into Images on WhatsApp

Meta launched a real-time AI image generator in WhatsApp beta (US). Users type "Imagine" and a text prompt to create images
Find and Save Windows Spotlight Background Images in Windows 10

How to Open the Windows Spotlight Images Location and save Spotlight Backgrounds

We show you how to save Windows 10 Spotlight Images by finding their location manually or using an app for automatic download.

Google’s Magic Editor and Other AI Tools Now Free for Google Photos Users

Google makes fancy photo editing tools (Magic Eraser, Magic Editor) free for all Google Photos users (with some device limits).

Google Unveils Imagen 2: A Leap Forward in Video Clip Generation

Google launched Imagen 2, a suite of AI tools for creating and editing images and videos from text descriptions.

How to Download a HTML Page in Chrome with Images and Everything Else

We show you how to download a webpage in Chrome as a HTML file, as well as how to save a link as a desktop shortcut.

How to Convert an Image to Black and White in Microsoft Word

We show you how to convert an image to black and white from color in Microsoft Word, but also how to reset it again if you don't like how it looks.
Featured - How to Combine Images into One PDF File in Windows

How to Combine Images into PDF Files with Windows 11 or Windows 10

We show you how to create a PDF from images using the Microsoft Print to PDF driver, which allows you to combine images into a PDF in a few clicks.
Featured - How to resize an image

How to Resize an Image (Online or Offline)

We show you how to resize a photo using a variety of offline and online tools, such as Microsoft Photos, Paint.net, and online tools.

Midjourney Introduces Character Consistency in AI-Generated Images with New Feature

Midjourney's new "cref" tag lets users create consistent characters across images, a game-changer for AI art with applications in storytelling and design.

Microsoft’s Designer AI Adjusts Text Prompts to Curb Violent and Sexual Imagery Generation

Microsoft updated its AI art tool to block violent/sexual content after an employee flagged the issue.

Google to Reinstate Gemini AI Image-Generating Capabilities with Adjusted Calibration

Google pauses image generation on its AI model, Gemini, due to historically inaccurate depictions of race. Coming back within weeks.

Google Temporarily Halts Image Generation in Gemini AI Due to Bias Concerns

Google fixes discriminatory skin tone bias in AI image generation, temporarily halts feature.

Microsoft Leverages AI for Behind-Screen Image Restoration Technology

Microsoft patents AI tech to fix blurry images from "behind-screen" cameras in phones and computers.

OpenAI Enhances DALL-E 3 with C2PA Watermarks for Transparent Image Origins

OpenAI adds watermarks to AI-generated images to combat misinformation. The watermark, featuring C2PA logo and creation date

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