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Microsoft SQL Servers Hit with Cobalt Strike Attacks

Threat actors are targeting Microsoft SQL Servers with weak passwords to install Cobalt Strike backdoors for further attacks.

Microsoft Open Sources SQL Server 2019 Java Language Extension

Microsoft says the Java language extension in SQL Server 2019 is now open source and helps users integrate the tool into runtimes.

Microsoft Details SQL Server 2019 Machine Learning Improvements

Microsoft says SQL Server 2019 now has deeper abilities for training machine learning models and more integration with Python and R.
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Microsoft Announces SQL Server 2019 General Availability

After nearly a year of previewing, SQL Server 2019 is now available with Scalar UDF inlining, Always-on, and Big Data Clusters.

Microsoft SQL Server China-Backed Exploit Can Gain Account Access Without Detection

Researchers says a new malware attack is targeting Microsoft SQL Server and can be undetected by users during exploit.
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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reaches End of Support Life, While SQL Server 2019 BDC...

Microsoft will this week stop supporting SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2, while SQL Server 2019 will be arriving in preview in two weeks.
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Microsoft Updates Fix 79 Vulnerabilities across Office, .NET, and SQL Server

Microsoft's May 2019 patch Tuesday fixes critical flaws across a number of applications, including Word, Flash Player, and SharePoint. In some cases, attackers can execute code remotely.

Microsoft Azure Backup for SQL Server Virtual Machines Now Generally Available

Azure Backup for SQL Server Virtual Machines is a cloud service that allows organizations to back up SQL VMs with no infrastructure.
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Microsoft Confirms SQL Server 2017 Monthly Cumulative Updates

Microsoft says monthly updates for SQL Server 2017 will start in December but has decided to not add CU Slipstream Media.

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2 Focuses on Performance and Scale

The latest update for SQL Server 2016 makes numerous improvements to performance, scale, support and diagnostics.
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Microsoft Releases System Center Management Packs for SQL Server 2008-2016

The System Center Management Packs for SQL Server enable monitoring of SQL Server Memory-Optimized Tables, mirror monitoring, and more.
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Microsoft Details SQL Server 2017 Changes at PASS Summit

As well as SQL Server 2017 database announcements, the company also revealed Power BI Report Server, SQL Operations Studio, and more.

Microsoft Moves SQL Server 2017 to General Availability

SQL Server 2017 is available to everyone, while Microsoft has also introduced SQL Server Analysis Services 2017 with numerous improvements.

Microsoft Launches SQL Server 2017 Release Candidate 2

Release Candidate 2 (RC2) continues Microsoft’s development of SQL Server 2017 and is available to download now, across Windows, Linux, Mac, and Docker.

Microsoft: MS SQL Server 2017 First Public Release Candidate Now Available

The MS SQL Server 2017 will run on Linux and Windows Server as well, providing graph data processing, adaptive query processing, and more.

Microsoft Issues Update Across SQL Server Management Packs

The company has sent out an SQL Server update for management packs for versions 2008 to 2016. Included in the update are System Center Management Pack, Server Replication, Server Analysis, Reporting Services, and Server Dashboards.
Microsoft announces SQL Server vNext EAP

Microsoft Previews SQL Server vNext Replication Management Pack

Now available to download, the SQL Server vNext Replication Management Pack comes with various monitor features and several new features. Customers can provide feedback on the build to improve the pack.
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Microsoft Adds Two New SQL Server 2016 Command Line Tools

The sqlcmd and bcp command-line utilities for SQL Server 2016 brings new database management and analytics capabilities to the platform.
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Microsoft Delivers SQL Server 2016 SP1 Second Cumulative Update

This is the second cumulative patch for SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1. Microsoft has focused on bringing fixes to issues that were found after the release of the last patch update.
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Microsoft Extends Windows Server and SQL Server Support by Six Years

The launched of Windows Server Premium Assurance and SQL Server Premium Assurance add an additional six years to Microsoft’s server products. Both services will now have 16 years of total support, helping to keep customers secure.