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Microsoft Details Migration Method for UWP to Windows App SDK

While Microsoft is helping developers migrate from UWP to Windows App SDK, the company says Windows apps can still be built with UWP.
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Build 2020: Microsoft Debuts Project Reunion to Unify Windows Win32 and UWP Development

Microsoft kicked off Build 2020 with Project Reunion, a single development platform for creating Desktop and UWP applications.

Microsoft Will Shut down UWP App’s Ad Monetization Platform

The UWP Ad Monetization platform will shutter on June 1, cutting off a stream of monetization for developers.

Apple Seeks UWP Developers for Windows Media Apps

Apple is looking for people to help develop Windows media apps, such as its Apple Music and Apple TV apps on macOS.

Microsoft Re-commits to OneNote 2016 Making the Future of the UWP App Uncertain

At Ignite 2019, Microsoft said it is returning feature support to OneNote 2016. The company will continue OneNote on Windows 10 support.

Microsoft Moves Further from UWP with WinUI 3.0 Alpha

Microsoft will soon launch WinUI 3.0 alpha, while will encompass both UWP and Win32 apps, giving developers more freedom.

Microsoft Tells Developers Surface Duo Will Support UWP Apps

Microsoft says developers can run their UWP apps on the upcoming Surface Duo through Xamarin through Visual Studio.

Rudy Huyn Is Leaving Dropbox to Return to UWP and WinUI

Rudy Huyn will move into a yet to be announced role that involves a lot of UWP, .NET 5, and WinUI.
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WhatsApp Creating Multi-Account UWP App to Stop Phone Dependence on PC

WhatsApp is reportedly working on an application that will allow users to use the service on PC without needing to be linked to their smartphone.

Microsoft’s UWP Cortana Beta App Arrives on Microsoft Store

Cortana is now available as a Microsoft Store application, although it is currently in preview and limited to Windows Insiders.

Windows 10 20H1 Gains New Cortana Beta UWP App

Microsoft has released a new Cortana Beta app for Windows 10 20H1, a UWP app that features the UI from Android and iOS.

Microsoft Details Roadmap for Merging UWP and Win32 App-Experience

With Microsoft's XAML Islands v1 now live, it has shared its plans for v2 and 3, which will bring UWP and win32 apps even closer together.

Microsoft May Have Killed UWP with Win32 Game Support on Microsoft Store

Microsoft’s decision to allow Win32 games in the Microsoft Store may have ended the company’s UWP plans for the future.

Microsoft Launches AppWindow APIs for Multiple UWP App Windows

Developers of UWP applications can now use the AppWindow APIs to create multiple windows within their services through simpler coding.

Office UWP Apps Receive Pen Input Color Radial Tool

Despite saying no new features are coming to Office UWP apps, Microsoft has released an update with a new color picker for pens.
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Microsoft Explains Why it is Ending Office UWP App Feature Support

Microsoft says it will only provide security and stabilization support for Office UWP apps in an effort to focus on iOS and Android.

Microsoft Working with WhatsApp on UWP Application for Andromeda

A design project suggests Microsoft and WhatsApp are working together to create a Universal Windows app that will make the service compatible with Andromeda.
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Microsoft Switching Skype UWP to Facebook’s React Native

While it may seem the move of Skype from UWP to React Native is Microsoft burying UWP, the company has previously discussed integrating the two frameworks.

Fitbit UWP Windows 10 App Update with Versa Support

The new Fitbit Versa smartwatch is now supported on Windows 10 through the Universal Windows Platform application.

Pirates Bypass Zoo Tycoon’s ‘Uncrackable’ UWP Protection

The crack of Zoo Tycoon marks the first every pirate UWP game, removing 5 different protections and potentially spelling disaster for Microsoft's Store. However, it's not yet clear if more games will follow.