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Windows 10 on ARM Nebulus Smartphone Revives Windows Phone

Tech company Emperion says the Nebulus smartphone runs Windows 10 on ARM and supports Android applications.
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Windows Phone WhatsApp to Close on December 31

WhatsApp will be cutting its app service on Windows Phone at the end of this year, pushing remaining users away from Microsoft’s old platform.
Bill Gates

Bill Gates Says Antitrust Investigation Stopped Windows Phone Dominating Mobile

Gates believes Windows Phone was not able to compete with Android partly because Microsoft was distracted by an antitrust investigation.
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Microsoft Finally Sells Last Windows Phone Smartphones

On the company’s official store, the last two remaining Windows Phone devices have ticked into out of stock and are likely to never return.
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Microsoft Sued Over Lumia 950 Devices: Patent Firm Beats Windows Phone When It’s Down

Lemaire Illumination Technologies argues Microsoft’s defunct Lumia 950 smartphones infringe several LED patents and is pursuing a similar case against LG.

Windows Phone Prototype Shows Microsoft’s Plans for Bezel-less in 2014

The Lumia 435 was originally planned as a bezel-less, low-end device, but was axed for unknown reasons. It would have had the largest screen-to-bezel ratio of any phone in 2014.
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Joe Belfiore: Windows 10 ARM Not Coming to Classic Windows Phones

The Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft has clarified that Windows 10 ARM Edition is not a phone-like experience.
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Windows Phone Sales Continue to Collapse in IDC Report

The IDC Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker shows that Windows phone sales are down to 0.1% and an 80.9% drop is predicted for 2017.

Microsoft Patent Shows Foldable Windows Phone With Three Modes

The Windows phone in the patent has a folding screen that would allow it to be used like a tablet, and comes with a mysterious 360-degree mode.

Unreleased Hapanero Windows Phone Images Hide Important Secret

While the image of the so-called Hapanero Windows phone handset seems to show an unreleased smartphone for the Chinese market, we think there is something else to the images.
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Microsoft Will “Kill” Skype on Windows Phone, RT, Windows 10 Mobile Messaging App on...

In an email sent to Skype users, Microsoft has informed its customers that it will be shutting down several versions of the service come...

Microsoft Releases Flow Windows Phone App to the Public

The new application works on Windows Phone devices that run Windows 10 and offers most of Flow's features.
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Microsoft Apparently Plans to End Silverlight Apps Support at next Windows Phone Attempt

According to a leaked screenshot, a future build of Windows Mobile does not support Silverlight applications such as WhatsApp and Slack.

Windows Phone: The Long Slow Death of Microsoft’s Mobile Platform Continues, Is There Any...

The latest nail in the proverbial Windows phone coffin saw Microsoft remove half of the remaining handsets from its own store. Devices are dwindling and sales have collapsed. What does the future hold for Microsoft and mobile?
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Windows Phone Appears “Dead”, Not Included in Microsoft’s 10Q SEC Planning for Q3 2017

While many might say that Windows Phone is practically dead already, it appears we had to wait until Microsoft’s latest Quarterly Report got published...

Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 Creators Update Path for Older Windows Phone Devices

In a Feedback Hub post today, Microsoft says Windows Phone users can get the Windows 10 Creators Update on unsupported devices through the Release Preview Ring.
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Microsoft Fixes Windows Phone OneDrive Sync Issue

A couple of days after acknowledging OneDrive for Windows Phone 8.1 was not syncing, Microsoft has fixed the problem with an automatic patch.
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Microsoft Brings Back Windows Phone Upgrade Advisor

Just days after pulling the upgrade path from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile, the Upgrade Advisor is back in the Windows Store.
Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer on Windows Phone: Microsoft Should Have Moved towards the Hardware Business Faster

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has revealed how we would handle the Windows Phone differently in an interview with Bloomberg, attributing part of the devices’ decline to the troubled launch of Windows Vista.

Verizon Abandons Microsoft’s Windows Phone after Stopping Lumia 735 Sales

The US carrier has followed in AT&T’s footsteps and no longer stocks any Windows phone device on its online store. This includes modern Windows 10 Mobile handsets not built by Microsoft.