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Twitch Returns to Microsoft’s Xbox Dashboard

Twitch is once again available as an integration on Xbox dashboard after an absence of a few years, allowing in-game streaming.

Microsoft Edge on Xbox Gets Nvidia GeForce Now Support

Xbox users can now play PC games from GeForce Now with mouse and keyboard support through Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Shifts Xbox Cloud Gaming to Xbox Series X Hardware

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X hardware is now powering the Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming platform with 60fps, but not 4K so far.
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Xbox Series X to Remain in Short Supply Because of Chip Shortage into 2022...

Microsoft’s gaming boss, Phil Spencer, says the chips that power the Xbox Series X will remain limited into 2022.

Microsoft Edge Lands on Xbox Series X with Game Streaming Support

The modern Microsoft Edge is widely available on Xbox Series X with support for Discord and game streaming platforms.

Xbox Series X/PS5 Success Behind AMD GPU Shortage, Not Crypto Mining

AMD says the reason its GPUs are in short supply is because of demand for the Xbox Series X and PS5, not because of a crypto focus.

Microsoft is Expanding Xbox Series X and S HDMI-CEC Remote Control Support

With new HDMI-CEC features for Xbox Series X and S, users can do more with their remote control, including interact with applications.

Microsoft: Windows 11 Android Apps Not Coming to Xbox

Microsoft says Android app support on Windows 11 will not extend to Xbox following Windows Subsystem for Android confusion.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets Game-Changing PC Update but Won’t Come to Xbox One

Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting a new PC update that drastically improves performance, but Microsoft will not launch he game on Xbox One.

Xbox One X Exclusives Could Come to Xbox One Via Xbox Cloud Gaming

Instead of shutting out millions of users from some Xbox Series X exclusives, Xbox One owners could use Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Microsoft Announces Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

After winning a marketing award on Twitter, Microsoft has decided to reveal the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge at E3 2021.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Leak Suggests June 15 Launch on Xbox Series X

A leak from a video game retailer shows Microsoft Flight Simulator could be released on the Xbox Series X in a matter of days.

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase Coming to E3 On June 13

Microsoft has confirmed its E3 presence with a planned 90-minute Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase event this June.

Xbox Chat Party Gains Text-to-Speech Transcription in Preview

Users of Xbox Chat Party on Microsoft’s Xbox One, Series X, and Series S consoles can also now get speech-to-text support.

Epic Games Suggests Microsoft Requires Indie Dev’s to be Part of Xbox Game Streaming

If independent developers are not part of Xbox Game Streaming, Microsoft says they cannot host their games on the Xbox platform.

Microsoft: We’ve Never Made Money on Xbox Consoles

In the legal battle between Epic Games and Apple, Microsoft admits Xbox consoles have never been profitable, with software driving revenue.

Xbox Series X Gets Keyboard and Mouse Support for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge on the new Xbox Series X and Series S consoles now has mouse and keyboard support, and support for Google Stadia.

Xbox Series X Update Makes Game Downloads More Efficient

A new feature for Xbox Series X, Series S, and Xbox One allows users to more efficiently pause games to improve download speeds.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Rebranded as Xbox Network

Microsoft says Xbox Live is becoming the Xbox Network after Insiders recently spotted the name change on preview builds.

Windows 10 Receives Auto HDR to Match the Xbox Series X

Microsoft is extending its Auto HDR feature from the new Xbox Series X to Windows 10, covering over 1,000 PC games.