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Android Autofill Compromised: AutoSpill Vulnerability Threatens User Credentials

Researchers find flaw in Android password managers that can expose user credentials. "AutoSpill" misdirects password autofill within apps

Microsoft Expands Accessibility with Seeing AI Launch on Android

Microsoft's Seeing AI app for blind/low-vision users is now on Android, reaching 3 billion+ users. The app uses AI to narrate the world through object recognition

Microsoft’s Phone Link App Could Gain Webcam Feature via Android Devices

Microsoft's Phone Link app may soon let you use your Android phone as a webcam for Windows PCs.

Microsoft Edge Could Expand Copilot Accessibility to Android Tablets

Microsoft's Copilot AI tool is coming to Android tablets through an integration with Microsoft Edge.

New Bing Webmaster Tools Android App Tracks Website Traffic On-the-Go

Microsoft's Bing Webmaster Tools suite now extends to Android devices, empowering webmasters to monitor website traffic on the go.

YouTube Premium Members to Test New AI-Driven Tools on Android

YouTube introduces experimental AI features, including comment summarization and an interactive AI chatbot, enhancing viewer interaction and content comprehension.

Microsoft Offers New Preview Update for Windows Subsystem For Android

Microsoft's latest update for its Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) Preview Program brings general reliability improvements and a fix for the gamepad triggers reversal glitch.

Qualcomm Unveilss Snapdragon Seamless Platform to Connect Windows, Android and Other Devices

Qualcomm will incorporate the platform into its future processors, such as the newly unveiled Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile chip and the Snapdragon X Elite processor.

Latest Windows Subsystem for Android Update Released for Insider Program Members

Microsoft has released an update for the Windows 11 Subsystem for Android, bringing notable graphics enhancements and enabling .cer file sharing

Qualcomm Announces First-of-its-Kind RISC-V Android SoC in Collaboration with Google

Qualcomm and Google partner to develop the world's first mass-market RISC-V Android SoC, challenging Arm's dominance in mobile architecture.

Unofficial Android 14 ROM Available for Microsoft’s Surface Duo & Surface Duo 2

The unofficial Android 14 ROM for Surface Duo, has bugs as noted by the developer and lacks the Pixel Experience found in the Android 13 port.
Android Security Flickr Reuse

Low-Cost Android Devices Found with Preinstalled Backdoor

The malware linked to the Triada Trojan affects SMS transactions; 74,000 systems need a full reinstall.

Google Unveils Pixel 8 Lineup, AI-Powered Google Assistant, Android 14, and More

Google's new Pixel 8 will retail starting at $999, marking a $100 rise from the Pixel 7 Pro's price.

ARM Patches Mali GPU Bugs That Threaten Android Phones and Chromebooks

Exploiting the known Arm's Mali kernel driver vulnerability would enable non-privileged users to tamper with GPU memory processes.

Microsoft Lists Broadens User Accessibility on iOS and Android

Microsofts latest move reflects their 2022 aim to diversify the app’s user demographic beyond just business and education sectors.

Microsoft SwiftKey Adds More AI-Features on iOS and Android

Swiftkey now offers an AI camera lense feature and AI stickers powered by Bing Image Creator.

Microsoft Turns Android Phones into Fully Fledged Windows Cloud PC

Microsoft's Enhanced Windows 365 App Experience for Android allows users to access the full capabilities of Windows 365 from Android devices.

Windows Subsystem for Android Gets Platform Enhancements in Latest Update

The update emphasizes the enhancement of platform reliability.

An Analysis of the EU’s and Other Data on iOS and Android Usage Finds...

iPhone users spend 7.4x more on apps than Android users, study finds: Apple attracts high-spending users with premium apps.

Google Unveils New Android Features and Rebrands the Platform

Android's new rebranding effort aims to effectively communicate its core principles of openness, continuous improvement, and inclusiveness.

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