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Microsoft Edge on Android Getting Chromium Codebase, Desktop Receiving Performance Mode

Microsoft wants to unify the Microsoft Edge codebase under Chromium on mobile, starting with testing on Android devices.
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Android APKPure App Store is Infected by Trojan Malware

Kaspersky Lab says the popular third-party unofficial APKPure store was infected with malware delivering Trojan attacks.

Microsoft SMS Organizer Gets OnePlus-Focused Android Update

Microsoft SMS Organizer on Android now has a snack bar for battery optimization for OnePlus smartphones on the platfrom.

Microsoft PowerPoint Presenter Coach Reaches Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Microsoft PowerPoint Presenter Mode is expanding beyond the web version of the app to become a cross-platform feature.

Microsoft Whiteboard Finally Lands on Android in Preview

Years after arriving on iOS, Microsoft Whiteboard is now available on Android, albeit in preview without many features.
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SwiftKey Get New Update on Android Focused on Handwriting Improvements

Microsoft’s popular SwiftKey virtual keyboard is receiving a new update on Android, bringing the app to Version

Google Discloses Chrome Attacks Targeting Windows and Android

Google Project Zero has detailed major exploits in the Chrome browser against Windows and Android that happened last year.

Microsoft Teams Getting Dynamic View Improved Together Mode, and Backgrounds on Android

Microsoft’s roadmap for Microsoft Teams over the coming months is busy, including Dynamic View for visualizing content during meetings.
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Evolving Iran-Backed Android Malware Now Spies on Skype, WhatsApp, and Instagram

Malware developed by the state sponsored APT39 group for Android can now spy on activity on Skype, WhatsApp, and intercept SMS.

Android Gets Major Feature Update for Surface Duo and Other Smartphones

Google is issuing a surprise feature update for Android, expanding the Emoji Kitchen, automizing book narration, and improving Google Maps.

Google Removes Fake Minecraft Modpack Apps That Are Loading Adware to Android Devices

Kaspersky found some Minecraft mudpack applications are fake and used to install adware. Google responded by removing the apps.

Microsoft MileIQ Tracking App Gets Android 11 Support

Microsoft MileIQ is updating this week with a couple of cool new features and support for the latest version of Google’s Android.

Minecraft Is Being Used for App Scams on Google Android

Some Android apps are pretending to offer items for Minecraft and other games for free, but are secretly charging users.

Microsoft Teams Together Mode Arrives on Android

In the latest Android update for Microsoft Teams, Together mode is available alongside support for picture-in-picture.

Google’s Android Microsoft Bing Search Auction Gets Slammed by DuckDuckGo

After choosing Microsoft Bing as an alternative search tool on Android, Google’s auctions have angered DuckDuckGo.

Microsoft Your Phone Android App Streaming Comes to Samsung Users

Microsoft is debuting a feature that allows Your Phone to stream apps from an Android phone to Windows 10 PC.

Google Brings Microsoft Office Editing to G Suite on Android

G Suite users on Android can now edit, comment, and collaborate on Microsoft Office files without needing to convert the format.

Microsoft Defender ATP Lands on Android in Public Preview

Microsoft Defender ATP is now available on Android to provide the launching Surface Duo with more enterprise-grade tools.

TikTok Found Secretly Collecting Android Users Data

TikTok was taking unique identifiers from Android devices and sending them to parent company ByteDance for 15 months.

Android Chief Teases Microsoft’s Surface Duo Ahead of Official Launch

Google’s Android head Hiroshi Lockheimer has teased the Surface Duo, which Microsoft could unveil later this week.