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Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Receives Pronunciation Assessment

Microsoft also announced Speaker Recognition improvements for Azure Cognitive Services, as well as an update to Personalizer.

Microsoft Announces Azure Cosmos DB Consumption-Based Price Model

Microsoft wants Azure Cosmos DB to be more cost-effective for some developers, so has announced Cosmos DB serverless.

Microsoft Announces New Azure Stack Hub Features

At Build 2020, Microsoft revealed new features for Azure Stack Hub, including previews for ManagedIQ and Fleet Management.

Build 2020: Microsoft Debuts Azure Synapse Link to Combine Analytics and Operational Database

Azure Synapse Link combines operational database services with analytics to overcome problems when working with HTAP workloads.
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Amazon Fires Back in JEDI Cloud Wars Between Microsoft Azure and AWS

Amazon says it will continue to fight Microsoft over Azure winning the $10 billion JEDI cloud contract from the Pentagon.

Microsoft Azure Sphere Research Challenge Offers $100k to Hackers

Microsoft has announced its Azure Sphere Research Challenge, which tasks hackers with finding vulnerabilities in Azure Sphere.
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Microsoft Announces Second-Gen Azure VMware Solution

Microsoft’s new Azure VMware Solution comes with various benefits, including more efficient management of VMware workloads.

Microsoft Azure AD Single Sign-On is Now Unlimited and Free

Microsoft says Azure AD SSO is available for free and allows admins to work across an unlimited number of cloud apps.

Microsoft Azure Expanding to Deal with COVID-19 Demand

Microsoft Azure is being constantly expanded by Microsoft to keep up with demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Microsoft to Keep Hiring Azure Staff Despite Wider Freeze

Microsoft has frozen hires across its wider business, but Azure will keep hiring because of its strategic importance.
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Microsoft Azure to Drive BlackRock’s Aladdin Cloud Push

Microsoft and BlackRock have announced a partnership where Azure will drive the Aladdin platform’s move to the cloud.
Azure Remote Rendering Service HoloLens 2

Microsoft Azure’s Remote Rendering Service Reaches Public Preview

Azure's Remote Rendering service promises high fidelity 3D visuals on HoloLens 2 and Windows 10 devices, even if they don't have strong internal hardware.

Azure Cognitive Services Get All New, Natural Text-to-Speech Voices

Microsoft's Azure Cognitive Services voices can now take on the cadence of a newscaster, have a more casual chat, or express empathy in their tone.

Microsoft Expands NVIDIA GPU Preview Integration with Azure

At NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference, Microsoft announced an extension of the integration of Azure Stack Edge with the T4 Tensor Core GPU.

Microsoft Will Prioritize Azure Performance for Key Workers Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Microsoft says it will monitor is Azure cloud performance and prioritize emergency services, health systems, and infrastructure operations.
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Microsoft Fixed an Azure Security Vulnerability before Researchers Could Report It

A bug in the Microsoft Azure portal's javascript parsing let security researchers steal the access tokens of an external organization. The tech giant managed to fix the issue before there were any public reports.

Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Receives Free Version

Microsoft has confirmed a free price tier for Azure Cosmos DB, a new version that Microsoft says is “free forever”.

Report: AWS Is Doubling Its Sales Team in a Big Push against Microsoft Azure

AWS will reportedly double its sales staff with a renewed focus on technical expertise in AI, data analytics, and cybersecurity.

Microsoft Expands Telefonica Partnership, Opens Azure Location in Spain

Microsoft has announced an expansion to its partnership with Telefonica, including the use of a new Azure datacenter region in Spain.

Microsoft’s Azure Sphere IoT Security Service Leaves Preview

Microsoft has announced Azure Sphere – a hardware and service package for protecting IoT MCUs – is now generally available.