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Malwarebytes Confirms SolarWinds-Related Attack Through Microsoft 365 and Azure

Security company Malwarebytes says it has been targeted by a SolarWinds-related attack coming from Microsoft services.

Microsoft Azure PlayFab Expands to More Regions, Gains AMD VM Support

Microsoft’s Azure PlayFab cloud gaming service is now available in four new regions, while AMD virtual machines are now available for the platform.

Microsoft Healthcare Bot Service Becomes Azure Health Bot

Microsoft Healthcare Bot has folded into Azure to become the Azure Health Bot services, with plenty of new abilities included.

CISA Debuts Sparrow, A Tool to Thwart App Malware Attacks in Microsoft 365 and...

Customers of Microsoft 365 and Azure can use the Sparrow tool developed by CISA to detect applications that could be malicious.

Microsoft: 2021 Will See Final Move to Passwordless Authentication on Windows 10 and Azure

Microsoft has long sought a password-free future for Windows 10 and Azure customers and believes 2021 will see that happen.

Microsoft’s Azure Studio Alpha Solutions Applies Gaming Principles to Big Business

Microsoft is debuting a new Azure-powered solution called Studio Alpha, aimed at brining gaming ideals to enterprise and government organizations.

Microsoft Debuts Azure Government Top Secret Regions

Alongside the release of Azure Government Top Secret, Microsoft has also expanded functionality on Azure Government Secret.

Microsoft Exec Stress Tests Azure Node by Playing Tetris in the Task Manager

Microsoft Azure CTO Mark Russinovich posted a video of him stress testing an Azure node by playing the classic game Tetris.

Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics Now Widely Available

Azure Synapse Analytics is leaving preview alongside Synapse Studio. Microsoft also announces Azure Purview for data governance.

Microsoft’s Most Sustainable Azure Region Datacenter to Open in Sweden in 2021

A year after confirming Sweden will get a sustainable Azure Datacenter, Microsoft says the location will open in 2021.
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Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit Program is Now on Linux

Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit has made its debut on Linux servers, including SUSE Linux Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise.
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Microsoft Azure Revenue Was $6.3 Billion Last Quarter

Microsoft Azure grew 48% last quarter, and analysts say this was 17% of Microsoft’s overall revenue, totaling $6.3 billion.
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Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services AI System Can Describe Images as Accurately as Humans

Microsoft has revealed a new AI model through Azure Cognitive Services, delivering a breakthrough in image description accuracy.

Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel SIEM Service Gains Watchlists Feature

Microsoft has expanded the power of Azure Sentinel with Watchlists, a new feature that allows customers to create allow and deny lists.

Microsoft Expands Azure Cloud Reach with Major Investment in Greece

Microsoft says Azure cloud data centers will be built in Greece, helping to boost the country’s economy in coming years.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel Now Analyzes User and Entity Behavior

Microsoft has updated its Azure Sentinel security service to give users more reasons to send expensive analytics data.

Microsoft Azure Borrows AWS Ground Station Idea for Its Own Satellite Service

Microsoft Azure is working on ground stations to collect data from satellites, similar to Amazon Web Services Ground Station.

Microsoft’s Immersive Reader for Azure Cognitive Services Is Now Available

Immersive Reader is now generally available for Azure Cognitive Services following a significant increase in usage of the preview.

Microsoft Improves Azure Outage Reporting with AIOps in Service Health

Microsoft says it wants to communicate Azure outages better, and is pointing users towards Service Health, which includes AIOps reporting.

Microsoft Confirms Minecraft Switch from AWS to Azure

Six years after buying Mojang, Microsoft is migrating Minecraft from AWS to its own Microsoft Azure cloud platform.