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Microsoft Azure Sentinel Now Analyzes User and Entity Behavior

Microsoft has updated its Azure Sentinel security service to give users more reasons to send expensive analytics data.

Microsoft Azure Borrows AWS Ground Station Idea for Its Own Satellite Service

Microsoft Azure is working on ground stations to collect data from satellites, similar to Amazon Web Services Ground Station.

Microsoft’s Immersive Reader for Azure Cognitive Services Is Now Available

Immersive Reader is now generally available for Azure Cognitive Services following a significant increase in usage of the preview.

Microsoft Improves Azure Outage Reporting with AIOps in Service Health

Microsoft says it wants to communicate Azure outages better, and is pointing users towards Service Health, which includes AIOps reporting.

Pros & Cons of Azure SQL Database vs SQL Server

Choosing between the standard SQL Server management system and Microsoft’s cloud-powered Azure SQL database is a challenge which many businesses face in the modern...

Microsoft Confirms Minecraft Switch from AWS to Azure

Six years after buying Mojang, Microsoft is migrating Minecraft from AWS to its own Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Gets Text Analytics for Health API

Microsoft also revealed Azure Cognitive Services Custom Commands and Form Recognizer apps are now generally available.
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Microsoft Project Freta Promises to Stop Azure Malware

Project Freta is a Microsoft Research “technology demonstration” that is a virtual-machine (VM) forensics platform that stops malware.

Microsoft and Hitachi Announce Partnership Based on Azure Cloud Integration

Microsoft and Hitachi are expanding their partnership to include a multi-year alliance focused on transforming manufacturing and logistics.
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Australia Seeks Switch to Microsoft Azure-Based Cloud Records

Australia is looking to transform its data records across government organizations, by leveraging Azure solutions.

Microsoft Acquires ADRM Software to Develop Data Models for Azure

Microsoft has announced the purchase of data model develop ADRM, which will be incorporated into its Microsoft Azure division.

Microsoft Announces Azure Machine Learning Courses on Udacity

Microsoft and Udacity are offering an introductory Azure Machine Learning course and a scholarship to a more complex course.

Microsoft Discusses Azure Cloud Capacity Changes It Made to Handle the COVID-19 Crisis

Microsoft has published a post detailing its various tweaks to Azure, Microsoft Teams, and other cloud services amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

An Introduction to Azure Monitoring Tools

Azure monitoring tools help managing, improving, scaling and fixing systems built with Microsoft´s Azure cloud computing platform. While Microsoft´s own Azure Monitor offers a great...
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Microsoft Confirms Azure Active Directory Outage in Australia and New Zealand

Microsoft says this morning’s Azure Active Directory outage was caused by “regional contention exceeding thresholds”.

Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Receives Pronunciation Assessment

Microsoft also announced Speaker Recognition improvements for Azure Cognitive Services, as well as an update to Personalizer.

Microsoft Announces Azure Cosmos DB Consumption-Based Price Model

Microsoft wants Azure Cosmos DB to be more cost-effective for some developers, so has announced Cosmos DB serverless.

Microsoft Announces New Azure Stack Hub Features

At Build 2020, Microsoft revealed new features for Azure Stack Hub, including previews for ManagedIQ and Fleet Management.

Build 2020: Microsoft Debuts Azure Synapse Link to Combine Analytics and Operational Database

Azure Synapse Link combines operational database services with analytics to overcome problems when working with HTAP workloads.
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Amazon Fires Back in JEDI Cloud Wars Between Microsoft Azure and AWS

Amazon says it will continue to fight Microsoft over Azure winning the $10 billion JEDI cloud contract from the Pentagon.