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Microsoft’s Azure Sphere Certifies Its First LTE-Connected Qualcomm Chips

Microsoft and Qualcomm have worked on an Azure Sphere chip that features cellular connectivity, hardware-based security, and runs the IoT platform out of the box.
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Microsoft Updates Azure Storage Explorer with Simplified Managed Disks

Microsoft has update Azure Storage Explorer (ADX), including improved disaster recovery capabilities and VM disk management.

Microsoft Releases Azure Sentinel in General Availability

Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel is a cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) service that is now widely available.

Microsoft Azure Video Indexer Can Now Recognize Spongebob, Other Animated Characters

Microsoft's Azure Video Indexer Tool can now recognize animated characters, transcribe multi-lingual content, determine the shot type, and more.

Microsoft Azure Poaches AI Firm Vapar from Google Cloud

Vapar is transitioning to Microsoft Azure due to its customer's familiarity with the platform and the tech giant's global partner reach.

Microsoft Updates Azure Video Indexer with New Preview Tools

Azure Media Services Video Indexer now supports multilingual detection and transcription, alongside animated character recognition.

Microsoft Announces New Azure Cloud Regions in Germany

German Azure customers now have more in-country datacenter support after Microsoft announced new cloud regions.

Telstra Data Hub Arrives with Azure Backing to Improve Data Tracking

Telstra Data Hub is a new data monitoring and management solutions developed to run on Microsoft’s Azure platform.
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Microsoft Acquires Movere to Further Azure Migrate Capabilities

Microsoft has announced the purchase of Movere, a cloud migration services company that will help customers move to Azure.
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Analyst Predicts Microsoft Azure Will Win Cloud War Over AWS

One cloud market watcher believes Microsoft Azure is enjoying rapid growth and will eventually cover the ground against AWS.

Microsoft Announces Full PyTorch 1.2 Support in Azure

In a blog post, Microsoft highlighted how PyTorch 1.2 can integrate in Azure services, while also announcing the contribution of ONNX features.

Microsoft Introduces Azure IoT Integration with Azure Maps

Microsoft has integrated two Azure IoT services to simplify location and spatial intelligence through IoT messaging and Azure Maps.
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Microsoft Acquires JClarity to Extend Azure’s Java Capabilities

Microsoft has purchased AdoptOpenJDK contributor JCalrity in an effort to expand Java support on the Azure platform.

Azure’s Project Tardigrade Looks to Improve Reliability and Resiliency

Project Tardigrade implements a robust and flexible recovery process for VMs that focuses on minimal downtime and outage resilience.
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Microsoft Debuts GZRA for Azure Archive Storage

With Geo-Zone-Redundant Storage (GZRS) for Azure Archive Storage, customers can blend storage availability, performance, and recovery.
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Microsoft Adds More Options to Azure Reservations

Microsoft has announced six additions to Azure reservations, including a pre-purchase plan for Azure Databricks.
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Microsoft Says Azure Active Directory Basic Tier “Is Going Away”

Microsoft has decided to phase out its mid-level Azure Active Directory tier, with the Basic SKU no longer available to purchase.
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Microsoft Azure and Informatica Partner for Free Proof of Value Cloud Migration

Microsoft and Informatica are offering what it believes is the best migration offer in the industry, with free proof of value and code migration

Microsoft Updates Azure Server Licensing to Squeeze Amazon and Google

Microsoft has announced the release of Azure Dedicated Host alongside licensing updates that affect its cloud rivals, such as Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft Investigator Fellowship Aims to Boost University Research Through Azure

The new Microsoft Investigator Fellowship will give candidates $100,000 per year to further research efforts through the Azure platform.


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