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Microsoft Bing Maps Gains Distance Calculator, Gas Prices, and Parking Advice

A major update for Bing Maps has brought three really useful features: Distance Calculation, Gas Prices, and Parking Finder.

Microsoft Bing Maps COVID-19 Tracker Now Includes Vaccines

Users of the Bing Maps COVID-19 tracking tool can now track vaccine progress across the world, including trials and prospects.

Microsoft Launches Interactive Bing Maps to Chart COVID-19 Outbreak

Microsoft has released an interactive Bing Maps tool to help people accurately track the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Microsoft Makes Build 2019 Bing Maps Announcements

Bing Maps SDKs have been launched for iOS, Android, and for mixed-reality apps. Microsoft also released a Multi-Itinerary Optimization (API).

You Can Now View Traffic Cameras via Bing Maps

Bing Maps now lets users view the latest traffic camera images along their route, enabling easy assessment of traffic and weather conditions.

Microsoft Bing Maps Bundles Route Color Features

Microsoft says its Bing Maps has now merged two route layering features into a single feature that will make map routing more efficient.
Bing itineraries

Bing Maps Update Enables Creation of Complete Travel Itineraries

A Bing Maps update lets users create new, completely custom travel itineraries, tying in hotel booking, Trip Advisors, and more, for a strong 1-stop solution.

Microsoft Announces Most Recent Bing Maps Updates

The latest additions to Bing Maps include a GeoXml Module, Ground Overlays, and more. Microsoft has also ended support for versions 6.3 and 7 of the service.

Microsoft Expands Bing Maps, adds 3 Million Square Miles of Canada Landscape

The new update for Bing Maps is focused on Canada, offering high resolution aerial imagery of locations such as Niagara Falls and locations in Ontario.

Microsoft Rolls out New Aerial Images for Bing Maps, Covering Australia and India

The new Bing Maps imagery covers 7,685,768 square kilometers in Australia and 3,119,733 in India, resulting in high-resolution images of the entire regions. The visual quality surpasses Google in some cases.
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Microsoft Updates Bing Maps V8 with Multiple Map Support

The Autumn Update for Bing Maps V8 also adds Cardinal Splines and US Census Data. Microsoft has been developing the feature set of the service over the last year, giving developers more tools for implementing maps into their apps.
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Bing Maps V8 Updated with Data Binning and Contour Lines

The September Update is the third monthly release for Bing Maps V8, not including a separate release for TypeScript Definitions.
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Microsoft Issues Second Bing Maps V8 Monthly Update

The latest release for Bing Maps V8 focuses on fixing numerous bugs and also enhancing the overall functionality of the service.
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Microsoft Reveals July 2016 Update for Bing Maps V8

The July 2016 update adds to the spatial math geometry module, as well as custom overlays, draggable push pins and 60 bug fixes.
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Bing Maps V8 Now Supports TypeScript Definitions

Microsoft has released TypeScript Definitions for Bing Maps V8. The service helps developers find issues in their code that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. Bing Maps V8 was released in June, helping uses code Microsoft’s maps service into their apps.

Microsoft Confirms Lapsus Group Attack against Bing and Cortana

Microsoft says Lapsus did infiltrate Bing, Bing Maps, and Cortana following a claim the threat group made earlier.

Microsoft Bing AI Travel Search Features Reach Wide Release

Microsoft Bing Travel now offers a robust set of features during searches that highlights every aspect of the travel experience for destinations.

Microsoft Bing Gets AI-Driven Travel Results

With a new AI ability, Microsoft Bing Travel can now surface travel destination results in a special overview page including major details.

Microsoft Bing Receives Major New Update

Microsoft Bing is getting a new recipes experience including UI, more details for local results, hover-over abilities, and more.
Google Maps How to navigate with more than 10 stops

Google Maps: How to Plan a Route with More than 10 Destinations

We show you how to add more than 10 destinations in Google Maps using Notepad and a handy URL bar trick. Then, we show you how to send it to your phone.