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Microsoft Unveils Build 23601 with Enhanced Windows 365 Features for Windows 11 Dev Insiders

Windows 11 Build 23601 for Dev Channel: New features and improvements for Windows 365, user experience updates, and fixes.

Windows 11 Adheres to EU Regulations with New Release Preview Build

Microsoft's latest Windows 11 release (KB5032288) brings significant changes to comply with EU's Digital Market Act (DMA), enhancing stability, security, and performance.

Microsoft Enhances ZIP File Handling in Windows 11 with Build 25992

Microsoft has released Windows 11 Build 25992, which includes a significant improvement to File Explorer's ability to open large .zip files quickly.
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Leak: OpenAI May Soon Launch GPT Builder for Subscribers

ChatGPT Update: Leaked Visuals Hint at OpenAI's Custom Gizmo Chatbot Building and Enterprise-Focused Team Plan.

Microsoft’s Announces Unified Testing Phase with Recent Windows 11 Beta Channel Build

Microsoft's latest Windows Insider Preview Build 22635.2700 (KB5031452) for the Beta Channel highlights All Beta Channel Insiders will now work with the same build
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Windows Canary Build 25987 Unveils Microsoft’s Shell Future with New System32 Components

Meta Description: Microsoft may be moving away from UWP, as new DLL and EXE files in the System32 folder suggest a shift to Win32+XAML Hosting.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23580 Adds Windows Copilot Local Account Support

Microsoft has rolled out Windows 11 preview build 23580 for the Dev Channel, bringing Windows Copilot to local accounts.
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OpenAI Builds New Risk-Assessment Team to Tackle Potentially ‘Catastrophic’ AI Threats

OpenAI has formed a new team, Preparedness, to identify and mitigate risks posed by future AI systems as they develop.

Microsoft Alters Beta Build Delivery: KB5031459 Changes the Update Process

Microsoft changes Windows 11 Beta Builds with the introduction of continuous updates, giving users the option to receive gradual updates or a collective stream of updates

Microsoft Launches Build 25977 of Windows Server Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) Preview

Microsoft unveils Windows Server LTSC Preview build 25977, introducing the Windows 11 Desktop Experience and enhanced accessibility.

Windows 11 Build 25977 Introduces Bluetooth Low Energy Audio Support and More

Enhance your Windows 11 experience with the latest build 25977, featuring Bluetooth LE Audio support for hearing aids, refined location permissions, and bolstered SMB over QUIC client access control.
Featured - How to Download Windows 11 ISO files for any Stable or Insider Build

How to Download Windows 11 ISO Files for Any Stable or Insider Build

We show you how to do a Windows 11 ISO download for any type of Build (Stable, Beta, Dev, Canary) and how to create a bootable USB stick from the ISO file.
Featured - Reset and Re-register Settings App in Windows 11

New Windows 11 23H2 Build Separates System Apps and Components in Settings

These improvements are aimed to be a part of Windows 11 23H2, scheduled for release later this quarter.

Microsoft Unveils Windows Server Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) – a Preview of Build 25967

Microsoft's windows server LTSC build offers VHDX format, Windows 11 Desktop Experience, and a Server Core installation option, available in both Datacenter and Standard editions.

Windows 11 Build 23560 Introduces New Copilot Shortcut Taking Away a Beloved Feature

The Windows 11 update could boost productivity for some but might interrupt the workflow of those used to the ALT + TAB shortcut.

Microsoft Unveils New Windows 11 Insider Builds

The Dev Channel's Build 23545 new changes include the Taskbar's search functionality, the ability to rename devices and the ability to view Microsoft Teams contacts for file sharing.

Windows Server vNext Build 25951 Released to Insiders

The new Windows Insider build now allows users to install and monitor the Azure Connected Machine Agent via a system tray icon.

Microsoft Releases New Windows Server Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) Preview Build 25931

The latest Windows Server Insider Desktop build now offers an onboarding experience for Azure Arc-enabled Servers, a new command line utility, and the new Storage Replica Enhanced Log.

Windows 11 Gets Better Screen Casting Experience with Build 23516

The enhancements aim to educate users about the Cast feature, improve its discoverability, and simplify the overall experience.

Microsoft Plans to Build Quantum Supercomputer within a Decade

Microsoft also unveiled Azure Quantum Elements, a system designed to accelerate scientific discovery and a new quantum performance metric.

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