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Build 2016: Microsoft Elaborates on TypeScript 2.0 Launch

The company used the Build 2016 conference to confirm that TypeScript 2.0 will be arriving in June and will be bringing a number of new features to the coding language
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Build 2016: Check Out All the News from Microsoft’s Conference

Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference was nothing short of epic, the annual developer’s conference was a showcase for a myriad of new services and major updates to existing ones.
Windows Dev Center

Build 2016: A Full List of Microsoft’s Features to Help Developers get the most...

Microsoft is trying to woo more developers to the Windows platform by making it easier for them to create apps and to make money from their creations.
OneNote App Windows Store

Build 2016: Microsoft Introduces Action Center in the Cloud

Action Center in the Cloud was announced by Microsoft at Build 2016 on Thursday, debuting a number of features in the process.
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Build 2016: Office Thriving on Mobile and Cloud Says Microsoft

While Microsoft’s strength may be under question in a mobile dominated market, the company used its Build 2016 conference to flex its muscles and show that it is still a major contender in the tech space as a while.
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Build 2016: Azure Service Fabric Launched Generally, Demoed with Age of Ascent

Azure is the focus of Day 2 at Build 2016 and Microsoft discussed Azure Service Fabric extensively, announcing that the service is leaving Preview and is now Generally Available.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Azure Functions Preview and IoT Starter Kits Announced by Microsoft

On day 2 of the conference, Microsoft launched Azure Functions, a pay per execution platform. The company also revealed Internet of Things Starter Kits.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: BMW’s IoT ConnectedDrive Service Uses Azure to Make the Car Smart

At Microsoft’s annual developer conference, BMW showed off its potent in car system that was created on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.
Xamarin Visual Studio free

Build 2016: Microsoft Talks Xamarin, Coming Free to Visual Studio with an iOS Emulator

Xamarin is Microsoft’s way to easily create cross platform applications in single code, and it is coming free to Visual Studio users.
Azure Companies build e

Build 2016: Microsoft Says Azure has been Adopted by 85% of Fortune 500 Companies

Day 2 of Build got underway with the focus turning to the cloud, which will include Azure, Office, and a lot more through another busy day.
Better With Cortana Collection Windows Store

Build 2016: Microsoft Puts Cortana Compatible Apps Front and Center of Windows Store

Microsoft discussed the future of Cortana today at the Build 2016 developer’s conference, and it is no surprise that the virtual assistant is very much part of the company’s plans for Windows moving forward.
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Build 2016: Microsoft Cognitive Services Offers next Gen Tools to Make Apps Smarter

Project Oxford (now Cognitive Services) was announced by Microsoft at last year’s Build 2015 as a group of SDKs and APIs that developers could use to make the apps more useable and intelligent.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft Rolls Out Video Trailers and Store Subscriptions for Windows Store

Microsoft revealed the Anniversary Update for Windows 10 at Build 2016 today and developers and end users alike can look forward to an array of new features.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft Debuts Skype Bots

While we expect to hear more about Skype tomorrow when Microsoft moves onto cloud services, the company discussed the communication during day one of the 2016 Build conference.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary SDK is Staggeringly Extensive

At its annual developers conference today, Microsoft dropped one of the biggest Windows updates every in the form of the Windows 10 Anniversary, and here you can see all changes to the SDK.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Windows Hello Comes to Edge Browser

Microsoft announced that its biometric security software, Windows Hello, will be coming to the Edge web browser as a first of its kind feature for supporting websites.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft Official Videos of New Features Introduced Today

A handful of video have been uploaded to the company’s official YouTube page, highlighting all the announcements at Build today.
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Build 2016: HoloLens Emulator Released, Headset Dev Units Shipping Today

While HoloLens is still something of a hobby project at Microsoft, the company is taking the device seriously and has huge plans for it, including a launch to consumers.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft Drops Desktop App Converter to Make Modernizing Apps Easier

Microsoft has been dropping news all over the place at the Build conference on day one, but one of the biggest new announcements is a Desktop App Converter.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft Updating Visual Studio 2015 Today

Microsoft’s Anniversary Update (Redstone) for Windows 10 is going to be huge and cover all aspects of the Windows ecosystem.

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