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Windows CShell Uses Continuum to Bring Full Desktop Experience to Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft’s Windows CShell one branch ecosystem has been shown in pre-release form running Windows 10 Mobile. It introduces tropes of Windows 10 PC, such as the taskbar, multiple windows, and the Start menu.

The Samsung S8 DeX Station Supports Lumia Phones and Continuum

The DeX Dock lets Windows 10 Mobile users seamlessly launch and control Microsoft Continuum, offering built-in cooling and ethernet functionality. Unfortunately, early tests indicate that the S8 doesn't work with the Display Dock.
Samsung Galaxy S Desktop Experience

Samsung Galaxy S8 Could Have Continuum Style Feature

The South Korean company has taken Microsoft’s lead and will make the Galaxy S8 able to connect to a monitor like Windows 10 Mobile uses Continuum.
Dell Stack Windows

Leak: Dell Stack Render Shows Continuum-Supported Dock

The latest leak of the Dell Stack smartphone shows the handset’s dock for Microsoft’s Continuum feature. However, is this device even real?
Elite X HP Official

HP Elite x3 Continuum Desk Dock Works with Other Windows 10 Mobile Devices

Provided the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone is Continuum equipped, it will connect to the HP Continuum Desk Dock. However, the company is only selling the dock as a bundled accessory with the Elite x3 flagship.
VM Ware Horizon UWP

VMWare Horizon Client for Windows 10 Launches with Continuum Support

VM Ware's UWP Horizon Client beta has launched on the Store, and comes with Continuum support, as well as an enhanced user experience.
Microsoft Continuum Ad

Microsoft Asks Insiders What Apps They Want for Continuum

The email survey asks users to rate different app categories from 1 to 5 for importance, as well as what specific apps they would like to see on Continuum.
Continuum Lumia

Developer Proves Continuum Works on the Lumia 830

Despite assurances that it's not possible, one developer has managed to get the Lumia 830 to work with Continuum. Other than a couple of crashes the feature seems to work perfectly fine – even supporting both screens.
satya nadella Microsoft

Microsoft CEO: “What is Unique about our Phones is this Continuum Feature”

Build 2016 was impressive last week, but conspicuous by its absence was Windows 10 Mobile, with Microsoft offering virtually nothing on its mobile platform.
Continuum Windows Microsoft

Microsoft Pick Up Where You Left Off Feature Coming to Continuum

A new update baked into Windows 10 Redstone could see Microsoft debut a Continuum feature that would let user’s complete started tasks on a different device.
Microsoft Patent PatentScope

Microsoft "PhonePad" Patent Hints at Continuum like Solution for Content Sharing

Microsoft’s Continuum is the standout feature of Windows 10 Mobile, it is the one feature that sets the platform apart from iOS and Android.
http://mspoweruser.com/mouse computers show off madosma q windows  phablet with full  inch fhd screen and continuum/

Mouse Computer Debuts High End Windows 10 Phablet with Continuum Support

The latest Windows 10 Mobile smartphone is a huge phablet from Mouse Computer, a 6-inch juggernaut with Continuum support.
Windows  Redstone

Windows 10 Redstone: Continuum to Support Touchscreens and 2K Resolutions

According to Rumors, Microsoft is adding touchscreen-support and 2K resolution to Continuum with the next big Windows 10 Update.
salesforce continuum official microsoft

Salesforce releases Continuum powered Salesforce1 Windows 10 Mobile app

A new Salesforce1 Windows 10 Mobile app can display a full screen experience of the Salesforce Lightning desktop in Continuum mode.
Windows  Mobile Continuum split official Microsoft video

Windows 10 Mobile: Microsoft brings Continuum to mid-range phones with Snapdragon 617

Microsoft is extending Windows 10 Mobile´s Continuum feature to mid-range phones running with Snapdragon 617 CPUs after bringing it to its own premium Lumia devices.
Windows  Mobile Continuum split official Microsoft video

Windows 10 Mobile: Microsoft adds "Get-Started" pages for Continuum with Video-Demo

With the launch of Windows 10 mobile coming closer, Microsoft is adding the new features to its introductory pages and FAQs. A new video now shows off the coming Continuum feature which allows using a Windows 10 Mobile phone like a PC.
Microsoft Continuum Ad

Leaked Ad Shows Microsoft’s Continuum And Its Features

In a leaked Ad, Microsoft has shown off the new feature in Windows 10 Mobile, dubbed as Continuum. Using this feature, you can connect your new Windows 10 Mobile device with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse (wirelessly), and can use your phone just like a PC.

Microsoft Demoes Continuum Desktop Mode On Lumia 950XL

On its devices event Microsoft has demoed Windows 10 Continuum mode showing Windows 10 desktop capabilities running on the coming Lumia 950XL Smartphone.

Salesforce Could Be Preparing $20bn Slack Acquisition to Rival Microsoft Teams

According to reports, Salesforce could be preparing a purchase of Microsoft Teams rival Slack and could wrap up the deal by next week.
Salesforce Lightning Outlook Office Blog

Google Could Acquire Salesforce to Tackle Microsoft Azure in Enterprise

A report suggests Google could make a move for SaaS giant Salesforce in 2020 as the company seeks to compete against Azure in enterprise cloud.

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