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Microsoft Edge on Android Getting Chromium Codebase, Desktop Receiving Performance Mode

Microsoft wants to unify the Microsoft Edge codebase under Chromium on mobile, starting with testing on Android devices.

Microsoft Edge Gets a Kids Mode That Gives Parents More Control Over the Browser

With Microsoft Edge Kids Mode, parents can control what websites their kids visit, while Edge also blocks adult content by default.

Windows 10 to Get Floating Gadgets from Microsoft Edge

Joining the new dashboard is a new floating search gadget, bringing Microsoft Edge searches to Windows 10 thanks to Desktop Gadgets-inspired integration.

Windows Search to Get Deeper Chromium Microsoft Edge Integration

Windows Search will soon be able to access Microsoft Edge features aside from just opening search results in the browser.

Microsoft Edge to Get Faster Updates to Match Chrome

Microsoft Edge will receive updates every four weeks from Edge version 94, bringing the browser in line with Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge Actions Come to Canary Testing

Borrowing from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Actions allow users to type commands into the Omnibox to bring up important settings.

Chromium Microsoft Edge Lands on Xbox

Microsoft is now publicly testing Microsoft Edge on Chromium for the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and the Xbox One consoles.

Microsoft Edge 89 Stable Build Now Available

Microsoft Edge 89 brings several new tools, including Vertical Tabs, a replacement for the old Hub Experience, and Startup Boost.

Microsoft Edge Developers Get Two DevTools Features

Microsoft is rolling out DevTools Tooltips and Focus Mode UI for Microsoft Edge developers through the Canary channel.

Microsoft Edge Will Silence Annoying Notifications by Scoring Websites

Adaptive Notification Requests in Microsoft Edge will monitor user responses to notification requests and silence sites that are regularly blocked.

HoloLens 2 Preview Update Brings Chromium Microsoft Edge

HoloLens 2 is finally getting the new Microsoft Edge experience, although with some limitations because of version availability.

Microsoft Edge Protects User Data with Password Monitor Ability

Password Monitor in Microsoft Edge is currently in preview and allows users to scan to see if their credentials have been leaked.

Microsoft Edge Testing New Collections Toolbar on the Canary Channel

Early adopters of Microsoft Edge builds on the Canary branch can now start testing a new toolbar for easier access to the Collections feature.

Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox Being Hit By “Adrozek” Attacks

Microsoft says Adrozek is a sophisticated malicious ad campaign that is infiltrating Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox users.

Microsoft Edge Sleeping Tabs Comes to Beta Testers

Sleeping Tabs for Microsoft Edge is now in Beta preview, allowing users to sleep inactive tabs to save CPU resources.

Windows 10 Settings App Now Includes Bing and Microsoft Edge Prompt

Microsoft is using a shortcut in the Windows 10 Settings app to advertise Microsoft Edge and Bing as default services.

Microsoft Edge Removes Malicious Extensions from Official Store

Microsoft says extensions are tarting Microsoft Edge by pretending to be legitimate services and redirecting users to other sites.

Microsoft Edge WebView2 Reaches General Availability

Microsoft Edge WebView2 is now available to all developers on .NET 5, .NET Core, and .NET Framework for Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge Is Coming to Apple’s New M1 MacBooks

Microsoft Edge is currently being developed to work with Apple’s M1 chip, the first ARM CPU the company has ever made.

Google Working on Chrome Screen Capture Tool Similar to Microsoft Edge Web Capture

At the moment, Google’s long screenshot feature in Chrome is only on Android 11 but could come to other platforms.