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Microsoft Issues Fix for Edge Browser’s Memory Management Flaw

Microsoft fixed a critical memory issue in Edge causing website loading failures. The bug was in Enhanced Web Protection
Featured - How to delete google search bar history on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

How to Delete Google Search Bar History on Chrome, Edge and Firefox

We show you how to delete Google search bar history on Chrome, Edge and Firefox and how to clear search history on Google completely.
Featured - How to Export and Import Favorites in Microsoft Edge

How to Export Favorites from Microsoft Edge or Import Them from Chrome or Other...

We show you how to import bookmarks into or export favorites from Edge and how to import them into Chrome or other browses.

Microsoft Edge Releases Patch for Data Import Glitch Amidst Unauthorized Data Copying Concerns

Microsoft Edge update (121.0.2277.128) fixes data import issues but avoids unauthorized data access concerns.

Microsoft Pledges Largest Investment Since 1983 to Boost German AI and Cloud Capabilities

Microsoft's €3.2 billion AI investment in Germany boosts data centers & skills training, promising to transform industries and solidify Germany's AI ecosystem.
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Apple’s iMessage and Microsoft’s Bing and Edge Exempt from EU’s Gatekeeper Designation

Apple's iMessage and Microsoft's Bing, Edge, and advertising services won't face strict regulations despite the companies already being "gatekeepers."
Featured - how to reopen closed tabs

How to Reopen Closed Tabs and Windows in Chrome, Edge and Firefox

We show you various ways to restore tabs that have been closed previously with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Microsoft Edge Hits Record Market Share in but Chrome Stays Dominant

Statcounter data shows Microsoft Edge hits an all-time high of 12.96% for desktop browsers, surpassing its previous record.

Microsoft Edge for Android Readies Extension Support in Canary Build

Microsoft Edge on Android now lets you install extensions like Dark Reader and uBlock Origin, just like the desktop version!

Microsoft Edge May Introduce Circle to Search Gesture with AI-Powered Copilot

Microsoft Edge tests "Circle to Search with Copilot", a desktop gesture like Google's mobile feature, highlighting text and searching with a mouse circle.

Microsoft Edge Accused of Unwarranted Data Transfer After Windows Update

Edge imports Chrome data without clear consent, sparking privacy concerns. Users report surprise appearances of Chrome tabs in Edge after updates.

Microsoft Edge 121 Enhances Multimedia and Security Features

Microsoft Edge 121: sharper images (AVIF, AV1), greener browsing (virtual trees), safer downloads (typo protection), easier updates & org branding.
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Microsoft Readies Windows Compliance with DMA Regulations, Edge and Bing Exempt

Microsoft, Google, and Apple face EU's DMA rules coming in March. Microsoft may be exempt in some areas but adjusts Windows for compliance.

Microsoft Edges Closer to Launching a Video Content Identification App

Microsoft patents Shazam-like video recognition tech to ID edited or pirated content. AI analyzes shots and sequences for accurate matching

Decreased YouTube Efficiency on Microsoft Edge Sparks Outrage

Microsoft Edge users suffer YouTube slowdowns, sparking suspicions of Google favoring Chrome. High CPU usage, lags, and Chrome prompts fuel speculation.

Enhanced Copilot in Microsoft Edge: AI Now Interprets Screenshot Content

Microsoft Edge's Copilot can now analyze user-uploaded screenshots, expanding AI capabilities to visual content alongside text.

Microsoft Edge DevTools Unveils Major Redesign with Version 120

Microsoft has unveiled a major redesign for Edge DevTools, bringing a simpler and more intuitive experience for developers.

Microsoft Defender Application Guard for Edge Set to be Phased Out

Microsoft ditches MDAG for Edge as it revamps corporate browser security. No need to panic - the whitepaper outlines new safe browsing measures.

Microsoft Edge 121 Beta Introduces Long-Awaited AVIF Image Format Support

Edge 121 Beta catches up with rivals, finally supporting AVIF images for better web visuals with smaller file sizes. This puts Edge on par with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

Microsoft Introduces AI-Powered Copilot in Edge 120 for Better Debugging

Edge 120 brings Copilot to DevTools for easier error decoding. Click the icon on errors/warnings for detailed explanations.

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