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Microsoft Anounnces New Bing and Edge Browser Powered by Upgraded ChatGPT AI

New Bing and New Edge are leveraging an OpenAI natural language processing AI like ChatGPT to transform the future of search.

Microsoft Edge Gets Password Strength Check

Edge will evaluate new passwords in real time, suggesting changes to make them more secure.

Project Phoenix Promises a Modern Microsoft Edge Overhaul

Microsoft Edge Project Phoenix could reimage the web browser with a new design and productivity tools.

Microsoft Edge Could Get New Split Screen Feature

Microsoft Edge now has a Split Screen feature in preview that works by splitting two tabs for easy access on the web browser.

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Pledges His $124 Billion Fortune to Charity

Jeff Bezos says he will give the majority of his personal wealth to charities over the remainder of his life, with a focus on climate change.

Microsoft Edge Is Receiving a New “Touch Mode”

Spotted by testers on the Canary channel, Touch Mode in Microsoft Edge improves the browser on touchscreen devices.

Microsoft Pledges Additional $100 Million in Tech Aid to Ukraine

Microsoft is bringing more Tech Aid to Ukraine as total support reaches $400 million amid ongoing Russian invasion.

Microsoft Edge 107 Reaches Wide Release with Limited Features

However, Microsoft Edge 107 does provide a new sidebar experience to bring improved productivity tools and multi-site view.

Xbox Game Pass Titles Now Open in Bing and Microsoft Edge

It is now possible to launch Xbox Cloud Gaming titles from Xbox Game Pass directly from Bing on Microsoft Edge.

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Application Mode Can Be Targeted by Phishing Attacks

Threat actors are using Application Mode in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge to start phishing attacks against users.

Microsoft Edge Now Gives Desktop Apps a Native Feel

Microsoft Edge 105 now as an API called Windows Control Overlay that developers can use to make PWAs feel more native to the OS.

Microsoft Editor in Edge Sending Personal Info to Microsoft Could Be Putting Users at...

Microsoft Editor in Edge and Enhanced Spellchecker in Chrome are sending personal information to Microsoft and Google respectively.

Microsoft Edge Malvertising Scam is Targeting Unwitting Users

Malwarebytes says an adware scam attack is currently targeting Microsoft Edge through the “My Feed” section of the browser.

Microsoft Edge Now Testing Video Ad-Blocking Tool

Microsoft Edge on Android is testing a new video ad-blocking feature known as Edge Block Video Ads through the Canary app.

Microsoft Edge “Wallet” Feature Coming to Windows 11 and Windows 10

Microsoft Edge Wallet is a new card payment feature that is currently in A/B testing for select Canary channel users.

Microsoft Edge Gets New Security Tools to Handle Unfamiliar Sites

Microsoft Edge now has an enhanced security mode that will allow users to have basic, balanced, or strict protection against unfamiliar sites.

Microsoft Edge Gains Market Ground on Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge market share increases again on desktop as the browser continues to gain ground on Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge Launches Command Palette for Fast Feature Access

Microsoft Edge has a new Command Palette that lets users call up common features on the web browser.

Bill Gates Pledges $20 Billion to His Gates Foundation Charity

Bill Gates will give $20 billion to the Gates Foundation, a donation that will see him leave the global rich list.

Microsoft Edge to Get Features from the Windows Photos App

Microsoft Edge on Canary channel builds now has photo editing tools directly from the Windows Photos application.


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