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WhatsApp Backtracks on Controversial Facebook Privacy Policy

Facebook wants to tap into WhatsApp user data, but a new privacy policy will only enforce acceptance for commercial messaging.
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FTC Accuses Facebook of “Buy-or-Bury” Scheme to Control Social Media Market

In an update of its filing against Facebook, the FTC says the company buys or destroys competitors after failing to create innovative mobile solutions.
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Republican Calls for Microsoft to Face Same Antitrust Measures as Facebook and Google

Jim Jordan is asking why Microsoft is not facing antitrust scrutiny under and investigation including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple.
4K Video Downloader Review

4K Video Downloader: Saving Video and Audio from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook and Other...

Our take on 4K Video Downloader, an easy to use video download solution and audio converter for support for YouTube and all other major video sites.

Facebook Debuts Prompt Feature to Stop Fake News

Facebook is putting the responsibility of stopping the spread of misinformation in the hands of user with a new prompt tool.
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Facebook Bans Signal from Network Over Ads Showing How Much Data the Social Network...

Signal tried to run ads highlighting how much user data Facebook collects for advertising and was instantly banned from the ad network.

Businesses Can Soon Schedule Stories on Facebook and Instagram

Around 2010, apps began to take over everyday life. Social media platforms like Myspace and Facebook began to dominate people’s internet usage. It quickly became...
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Bill Gates Interview: Defending Facebook, Handling Misinformation, and Avoiding Bitcoin

In an interview with Bloomberg, Microsoft founder Bill Gates offered his opinion on misinformation and why Bitcoin is not for him.

Facebook Gaming Gets Cloud Streaming Service That is Being Bizarrely Undersold

Facebook Gaming has announced a cloud streaming game service, but the company is hardly giving the new service the big sell.

Microsoft Pulls All Ads from Facebook and Instagram

Microsoft has joined other major companies in removing advertising from Facebook and Instagram, at least through August.

Microsoft Sunsets Mixer, Wants Users to Join Facebook Gaming

In a bizarre deal, Microsoft has decided to shutter Mixer and send streamers and viewers to Facebook Gaming.
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Tries to Calm Angry Employees Following Trump Decision

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company may adopt new policies after employees protested his decision to keep a controversial Donald Trump post on the site.
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Facebook Accuses NSO Group of Targeting Users in New Pegasus Spyware Campaign

Investigators claim NSO Group is behind a campaign to infiltrate Facebook by mimicking the company’s login page.

Facebook’s Zoom Competitor Messenger Rooms Launches

Facebook Messenger Rooms has debuted in three nations and will roll out worldwide next week to compete with Zoom.

Facebook’s Upcoming Messenger Rooms Aims Directly for Zoom

Messenger Rooms is Facebook’s answer to Zoom, with the added benefit people can enter group video chats without needing an account.

Facebook Messenger Launches Standalone Video Call App to Compete with Zoom

Facebook Messenger is providing an alternative to Zoom during the COVID-19 outbreak with a standalone video calling app.

Zoom Removes Its Facebook Data Sharing on iOS amid Possible GDPR Violations

Zoom will remove its 'Login with Facebook' integration on iOS and replace it with a web portal, removing the leak of user's hardware information.

Facebook Announces $100 Million Grant Program for Small Business During COVID-19 Outbreak

Facebook says a new $100 million program comprised of ad credits and cash grants will soon be available to small businesses.

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Reddit and Twitter Announce Combined Effort to Fight Coronavirus Fraud

The world's biggest tech companies are co-operating to keep people safe from both Coronavirus and those looking to exploit it for a quick buck.
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Facebook Messenger to Get Multiple Accounts on Windows 10

Facebook Messenger will soon receive a new feature through the Microsoft Store app that adds support for multiple accounts.