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Petronas, Microsoft, and Cegal Partner to Develop Azure HPC and AI Platform for Energy...

Petronas, Microsoft, and Cegal have partnered to develop an Azure HPC and AI platform for the energy industry.

Nvidia Announces New Research-Capable High Performance Computing (HPC) Software

Nvidia has revealed new research-focused solutions as well as the EODT weather research system with Lockheed Martin.

Apple Secures TSMC’s Complete 2nm Chip Production for iPhone 17

By securing TSMC's 2nm chip capacity, Apple aims to deliver substantial improvements in future iPhone models, reinforcing its market leadership.
Partech Supercomputer Juwels in Jülich official

Microsoft Sued by ParTec Over AI Supercomputer Patent Infringement for Azure AI

The complaint alleges that Microsoft's Azure AI incorporates technology described in ParTec’s patents.

Oracle Cloud Helps Microsoft With Increasing OpenAI GPU Workloads

The deal between the companies suggests that Microsoft Azure is struggling to meet the surging demand of OpenAI´s computing requests.
TSMC Headquarters

TSMC Struggles to Keep Up with AI Processor Demand

The company faces such high demand that it does not anticipate meeting production needs, even with plans to doubling capacity.

Aurora Supercomputer Achieves Exascale but Falls Behind Frontier

Argonne's Aurora supercomputer hits 1 exaflop, ranking second behind Frontier. Both are surpassed by the upcoming El Capitan.

Nvidia’s CUDA-Q Platform Adopted by Global Supercomputing Centers

Nvidia is launching its CUDA-Q platform in supercomputing centers worldwide to integrate quantum processing units (QPUs) with classical computing systems.

IBM and Japan’s RIKEN Institute to Integrate Quantum Computing with Fugaku Supercomputer

IBM and Japan's RIKEN are merging a quantum computer with Fugaku supercomputer to explore a new era of "quantum-centric supercomputing."

AMD Appoints Ex-Oak Ridge Chief to Boost AI Adoption in Government Sectors

AMD appoints AI expert and former Oak Ridge director to lead public sector AI partnerships.

Synopsys Breaks Bandwidth Barriers with Its Latest 1.6T Ethernet Innovation

Synopsys introduces the world's first 1.6 terabit Ethernet chip design solution for AI applications in data centers.
Featured - How to restart Graphics Driver in Windows 11 and 10

How to Restart, Reset or Update the Graphics Driver in Windows 11 or Windows...

We show you how to restart the graphics driver in Windows without rebooting and how to reset or upgrade the graphics driver if it does not work properly.

Riken Collaborates with Quantinuum to Deploy Trapped-Ion Quantum Systems

A major step in Japan's quantum computing push! The Riken Center for Computational Science has integrated Quantinuum's H1 trapped-ion systems

Microsoft and PNNL’s AI Unveil Material Cutting Lithium Use by 70%

Microsoft Researchers have discovered a new material that could potentially reduce the need for lithium in batteries by as much as 70%.

Microsoft Selects Oracle Cloud to Scale and Accelerate Bing Search Performance

Microsoft and Oracle have partnered to enhance Bing's search and Bing Chat capabilities using Oracle's cloud infrastructure.
Artificial Intelligence AI

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Unveils AI-Powered Medical Research Cluster

Medical research is advancing with the development of a new computer system boasting over 1,000 H100 GPUs optimized for AI servers.

US Government Expands Restrictions on Nvidia AI Chip Exports

The expansion of restrictions on Nvidia's AI chip sales underscores the US government's ongoing concerns about misuse of advanced technology.
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Google Cloud Powers Harvard Study to Simulate Novel Therapy for Heart Disease

Harvard researchers have successfully replicated a supercomputer in Google Cloud to accelerate medical research.

Linux Foundation Announces Ultra Ethernet Consortium with AMD, Cisco, Intel, Meta, Microsoft and Others

The UEC aims to build a complete Ethernet-based communication stack architecture that can handle a wide variety of workloads while being scalable and cost-effective.

Microsoft Plans to Build Quantum Supercomputer within a Decade

Microsoft also unveiled Azure Quantum Elements, a system designed to accelerate scientific discovery and a new quantum performance metric.

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