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How Microsoft Azure is Leading the Way for Mainstreaming Supercomputers on the Cloud

With Azure HPC (high performance computing), Microsoft is becoming a leader in cloud-based supercomputer technology.

Build 2021: Microsoft Graph Gets Security, Connectors, and Azure Features

Microsoft Graph is getting plenty of attention at Build 2021, including new security features for Azure Active Directory and Connectors improvements.
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Microsoft’s NDv2 Supercomputer Is Powered by Nvidia GPUs and Available on Azure

Microsoft has announced the preview of its NvD2 Virtual Machines, which make use of up to 800 Nvidia Tensor Core GPUs to significantly reduce the training time of AI models.

Supercomputers: Intel Expected to Dump “Xeon Phi Knights Hill” for New Platform

Intel is planning to establish "a new platform and microarchitecture" for Exaflops supercomputers within 3 to 4 years instead of the previously planned 10-nanometer Xeon Phi Knights Hill (KNH)-platform which was expected for 2018.

Microsoft Brings Supercomputers to Azure with Cray Inc. Partnership

Supercomputer company Cray Inc. is bringing its systems to Azure cloud customers, boosting their power when using the platform.

Microsoft Delays Highly Anticipated Crackdown 3 to Spring 2018

Crackdown 3 will not meet its original release date of November 7, 2017, taking the time to perfect the title's art style and add more polish to the experience. It will now release alongside titles like Red Dead Redemption 2.
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Microsoft Acquires Cycle Computing to Improve Azure’s Big Compute Capabilities

Microsoft will implement Cycle Computing's High-Performance Computing tech in Azure, combining the software giant's huge public cloud infrastructure with the startup's supercomputer expertise.

Microsoft Project Olympus Blueprint Now Supports Intel Xeon Processors

Microsoft’s Project Olympus is an open hardware standard for cloud services. The company today announced support for Intel’s new Xeon series of enterprise-grade processors.
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Microsoft Introduces ND-series GPU for Azure

Azure customers can now get better performance with ND-series GPUs, build on NVIDIA’s Tesla-based P40 GPU. Microsoft says the new series brings double the performance and more memory.
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Tokyo Institute of Technology Announces Japan’s Fastest AI Supercomputer via Nvidia Accelerated Computing Platform

TSUBAME3.0 will utilize Nvidia Tesla P100 GPUs to reach up to 47 PFLOPS of AI computing power and 12.2 petaflops of double precision power.
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Microsoft Launches Azure Automation in West Central US Regions and UK

The Azure Government service was introduced last December and now Microsoft has made it available to more locations.
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Azure Government Gains Eight New Services

Microsoft has rolled out new features for Azure Government, including Resource Manager, Automation, Media Services, and Batch. The company says all services are FedRAMP compliant, surpassing the amount of accredited services offered by Amazon Web Service.
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Microsoft: Azure NC and Azure NV VMs Generally Available From December 1

Azure NC and Azure NV are a part of Microsoft’s new N-Series powered by the Nvidia Tesla range of GPUs. The company has been previewing the virtual machines since August.
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Microsoft Ventures Has Now Invested in Thirteen Companies

Microsoft Ventures has published a list of ten companies, including social learning platform Kahoot, messaging stack app Layer, and more.
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Microsoft Azure’s N-Series VM Preview Now Available

The N-Series are powered by the Tesla K80 and M60, and bring the power of GPU accelerated workloads and visualization to the virtual desktop.
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Siggraph 2016: Microsoft’s Big Compute Team to Represent Azure

The team will be collaborating will Teradici to showcase how their new Azure N-Series VMs handle intense graphical tasks. They will also be talking about Avere on Azure, Azure Batch, and Azure's MPAA compliance.

Microsoft: Last chance to get Surface Pro 4 by October 26, Massive Price Cut...

The Microsoft Store has sent out e-mails with the notice that it will end the preorder-period for the Surface Pro 4 on October 23. Customers who want to get the newest Surface Pro should hurry up.