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iOS to Windows  App bridge official website

Microsoft Launches App Analysis Tool for iOS to Windows Bridge

The new tool makes app porting from iOS to the UWP app model easier by highlighting compatible code fragments.
iOS to Windows  App bridge official website

iOS to Windows Bridge: Microsoft Improves Project Islandwood with Further XAML Integration

The iOS to Windows bridge has been tweaked to include better test automation, an improved touch-input model, and further integration of XAML. The changes 'will make the Windows Bridge for iOS more robust and easier to use than ever before.'
App Type iOS Bridge MSDN

Microsoft Windows Bridge for iOS Gains New APIs and CoreFoundation Integration

A new upgrade for the Windows Bridge for iOS brings some popular UI layouts to the tool, while also adding integration to Apple’s CoreFoundation framework.
Accelerate Intel Windows Blog

Microsoft’s Windows Bridge for iOS gets Boost from Intel Accelerate Framework

Intel is working to help developers use the Windows Bridge for iOS with Accelerate framework, a tool that makes bridging apps easy.
Windows iOS Bridge Microsoft

Microsoft Uses Purchase of Xamarin to make Toolkit Bridges Exclusive to iOS

The company has revealed details about its bridge or toolkit for the Universal Windows Platforms applications, moving forward with a full commitment to iOS.
Canabalt for iOS iOS to Windows  app bridge demo

iOS to Windows 10 app bridge demoed: Just 5 Minutes to convert an iOS...

Just weeks after Microsoft has released its new Windows Bridge for iOS it already brings the first results. Developer David Burela has published a video illustrating how he ported an iOS game into a Universal Windows App in just five minutes.
Windows Bridge for iOS

Windows Bridge for iOS: Microsoft entices iOS developers with tutorials

Microsoft is helping iOS app developers with tutorials to consider porting their apps and make them compatible with Windows 10.
Windows Bridge for iOS

Microsoft targets iOS developers with new Windows Bridge for iOS

Microsoft wants to boost App development for Windows with an iOS bridge that helps to port iOS apps to Windows the easy way.
Hockey App Insight

Microsoft Releases New HockeyApp Bridge Tool

Microsoft's new HockeyApp Bridge allows users to query raw data through Application Insights, as well as export data continuously for warehouse purposes.
WWDC Afterparty Microsoft WWDCPARTY

Microsoft and Xamarin to Host WWDC Event to Entice iOS Developers

Microsoft will literally be wining and dining iOS developers to entice them to use the Xamarin powered Windows Bridge for iOS for moving apps to the Windows platform.
Desktop App Converter Logo Microsoft

Microsoft Rolls Out Preview for Desktop App Converter (Bridge Win32 Apps to Windows Universal...

A week after announcing the Desktop App Converter at Build 2016, Microsoft is sending out a preview of the tool to Insiders.
iOS to Windows  App bridge official website

Microsoft Makes iOS to Windows 10 App Porting Easier with UWP Porting Guidance

In an effort to convince developers to port their iOS apps to Windows 10, Microsoft has released an app development concept map which aligns software development concepts across the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.
Windows Universal Apps official Microsoft

Microsoft’s Windows Store to get Official Instagram App from iOS

Redmond’s Project IslandWood is being used by Instagram’s developers to port the popular iOS app to the Windows Store, continuing Microsoft’s push to get more Universal Windows Apps in the Store.
Instagram App Windows Official

[UPDATE] Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile Gets Update

The Beta app for Instagram on Windows 10 Mobile has been updated. The application was created through Microsoft’s Project IslandWood, which allows the easy porting of iOS apps to Windows Mobile.
Android green figure wikipedia

Rumor: Microsoft buries Project Astoria, the Android to Windows 10 Mobile App Converter

Microsoft's Project Astoria offers the tools needed for developers to build apps simply by reusing their Andoid code. So far the project has been halted indefinetely, and the bridge to connect Android apps with Windows 10 mobile has collapsed.

Microsoft Viva Connections Arrives in Wide Public Preview Release

Microsoft Viva Connections is expanding beyond SharePoint exclusivity towards a public preview with some desktop updates.

Microsoft’s Your Phone to Get Image Management

Microsoft is working on a feature for its Your Phone app that will let users browse and manage images from their smartphone to PC.

Windows 10 20H1: New Features Microsoft is Adding this Spring

Microsoft will launch Windows 10 20H1 this May. Ahead of the release, here’s the new features that are coming to the platform.

Facebook Pays Users for Complete Access to Device Data

Facebook has an app called Project Atlas that was hidden from Google and Apple and pays users $20 per month for unlimited access to their smartphone data.
IAV CAR Microsoft e

Microsoft and MIT Model Helps Self-Driving Cars Identify Their Weaknesses

Microsoft and MIT's model lets a self-driving car AI identify its weaknesses, and could eventually be used to prompt teaching from humans in uncommon situations.