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Apple October 2023 Release Could Include New iPad Mini and Updated iPad Air

Apple targeting upcoming launch of new iPads, including an iPad Mini refresh and a new iPad Air with M2 chips.

Apple Addresses iPhone 15 Overheating Issue with iOS and iPadOS 17.0.3 Updates

Apple urges users of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models to update as soon as possible.

Apple Gears Up for Major iPad Pro Revamp Amidst Slumping Tablet Sales

Apple is reportedly planning to unveil a significantly updated iPad Pro next year in a bid to reenergize the stagnating tablet market.

Major Apple Leak Reveals Upcoming iPhones, iPads, Macs, AirPods and More

Apple is reportedly working on a wide range of products, set to launch in the coming months and years.

Apple Could Launch Its Foldable iPad in 2024

Apple is planning to launch its first foldable device – a new iPad model – in 2024, at least a year before the first folding iPhone.

Microsoft PowerPoint Now Converts Presentations into GIF Animations on iPad

Microsoft 365 Insider Program delivers a new update for PowerPoint on iPad, bringing animated GIF conversion of presentations.

India Seeks Apple iPad Production with New Incentives

The government of India is ramping up its incentives to attract Apple to bring iPad and MacBook manufacturing to the country.
space gray iPhone X photo via Unsplash

Apple to Increase Prices for iPhone/iPad/Mac Battery Replacements

Apple is rising the price of all battery replacements for out-of-warranty iPhone models, iPad models, and MacBook models.

Apple’s New iPad Mini Could Drop Late 2023/Early 2024

Apple is working on a spec bump for the iPad Mini that will focus on the CPU, but it won’t launch until late next year.

Apple Looking to India to Manufacture iPad Devices

Apple is turning to India to diversify its manufacturing away from China, with iPad plants a possibility in the country.

Apple Folding iPad Could Get Launch Before the Folding iPhone

Pricing issues may stall a folding iPhone says one analyst, with Apple more likely to introduce a folding iPad earlier than a smartphone.

EU Pushes Apple to Ditch Lightning for USB-C on iPhone and iPad

A new European Parliament law states all devices must have USB-C by 2024, meaning Apple will need to comply and remove the Lightning port.
Apple MacBook Pro Apple Official

Apple Prepping New iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Watches for Fall Launch

Apple is famous for “one more thing” but in 2022 it could be “many more things” with new iPhones, iPads, Macs, Watches, and more about to drop.

Microsoft Office Apps Get Trackpad Support on Apple’s iPadOS

As promised, Microsoft has brought trackpad support to Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) on iPadOS.

Microsoft Word and Excel Trackpad Support Testing on iPadOS

As promised, Microsoft is bringing trackpad and cursor support to Office apps on iPadOS, with Word and Excel currently testing the ability.

Former Microsoft Windows Chief Defends Open Source Stance, Builds Windows 8 PC on iPad

Steven Sinofsky, a former head of Microsoft’s Windows division says the company’s former stance on open source was understandable at the time.

Microsoft Office Apps on iPadOS to Get Cursor Support

Microsoft is working on cursor support for its Microsoft Office iPadOS app, with a fall release most likely for the feature.

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Receive Support for Split Screen on iPadOS

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are testing split screen on Apple’s iPadOS, allowing users to work on two documents side-by-side.

Outlook for iOS Gets Support for iPad’s Split View Multitasking

iPad users can now use Outlook and other apps at the same time, dragging text between them and enhancing productivity.

Former Windows President Says Success of iPhone ‘Blinded’ Microsoft to Apple’s iPad Plans

Former Windows president Stephen Sinofsky has reflected on the reaction to the iPad launch at Microsoft while hinting at its impact on PC sales.

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