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Microsoft Office Apps Get Trackpad Support on Apple’s iPadOS

As promised, Microsoft has brought trackpad support to Microsoft Office apps (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) on iPadOS.

Microsoft Word and Excel Trackpad Support Testing on iPadOS

As promised, Microsoft is bringing trackpad and cursor support to Office apps on iPadOS, with Word and Excel currently testing the ability.

Former Microsoft Windows Chief Defends Open Source Stance, Builds Windows 8 PC on iPad

Steven Sinofsky, a former head of Microsoft’s Windows division says the company’s former stance on open source was understandable at the time.

Microsoft Office Apps on iPadOS to Get Cursor Support

Microsoft is working on cursor support for its Microsoft Office iPadOS app, with a fall release most likely for the feature.

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Receive Support for Split Screen on iPadOS

Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are testing split screen on Apple’s iPadOS, allowing users to work on two documents side-by-side.

Outlook for iOS Gets Support for iPad’s Split View Multitasking

iPad users can now use Outlook and other apps at the same time, dragging text between them and enhancing productivity.

Former Windows President Says Success of iPhone ‘Blinded’ Microsoft to Apple’s iPad Plans

Former Windows president Stephen Sinofsky has reflected on the reaction to the iPad launch at Microsoft while hinting at its impact on PC sales.

OneDrive on iPadOS Embraces Multiple Windows Features

Microsoft’s OneDrive is on board with the new iPadOS and now supports the platform’s Multiple Windows feature.

Apple Plans Xbox One and PS4 Controller Support for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

Apple will introduce Xbox One and PS4 controller compatibility to iOS 13 and will also bring support to its Apple TV.

Apple Debuts New iPad Air and iPad Mini with A12 Bionic Chip

Apple has updated its tablet range with a new iPad Air and new iPad Mini. While now design changes have been made, updates have happened under the hood.

Microsoft’s Seeing AI Gets Tap to Describe for Images, Native iPad Support

Seeing AI now lets users tap on different parts of an image to have objects described, and has also launched a native iPad app.

Whiteboard for Edu Gets Global Release on iPad and Windows 10

Microsoft Whiteboard for EDU is now available to all iPad and Windows 10 users. Its full release marks its increased stability and feature set since November.

Microsoft Surface Christmas Ad Says iPad Isn’t a ‘Real Computer’

Microsoft has fired back at Apple with a musical number, implying the iPad isn't a 'real computer' and promoting a Surface Go instead.

Microsoft News Update Arrives on iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has updated its new Microsoft News application on iOS devices by adding a new International (English) language.

Microsoft Confirms Whiteboard for Education for Windows and iPad

A week after announcing a preview for Whiteboard for Education, Microsoft has said the service will arrive before the end of this month.

Microsoft Announces New Office Features Coming to iPad Pro Soon

The latest Office release for iOS is Version 2.19 and comes with PowerPoint and Outlook changes that will come to the new iPad Pro.

Apple Announces iPhone X-Inspired New iPad Pro with Xbox One S Class GPU

The all-new iPad Pro has significantly reduced bezels, significantly increased performance, and plenty of iPhone X series inspirations.

Apple to Launch New Bezel-Less iPad Pro Based on iPhone X

Apple’s hardware event tomorrow will see a new 11-inch iPad Pro without any bezels and with the FaceID technology from the iPhone X.

Microsoft Garage’s Earth Lens Brings AI Enhanced Aerial Imagery to Your iPad

Earth Lens lets developers quickly build AI-driven Aerial imagery apps for use in disaster relief, conservation efforts, and more. The solution was created by a team of interns.

Adobe Photoshop’s Full-Featured iPad App to Launch in 2019

Adobe Photoshop CC will soon be available on iPad, bringing full functionality to iOS users and cloud syncing. The decision will provide significant competition to the Surface Pro line.