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Apple’s iPhone 7 Coming with Subtle Design Refresh and Dual Camera

Apple’s iPhone 7 will launch this fall and inevitably become the smartphone success of the year. Other new features coming to the device, according to a new report, is a pressure sensitive Home button.

Report: iPhone 7 to lose Headphone Jack for extra Speaker, Stereo-Sound

Apple is reportedly ready to ditch the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, freeing up space for an extra speaker that would bring stereo quality audio to the flagship for the first time.

Apple Will Announce the New iPhone on September 7

Apple has confirmed the release date of September 7 via invitations to the press. It will kick off at 10 am PT at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, where the iPhone 7 will be announced.

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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Now Warns of Jailbroken iPhones

The latest Microsoft Defender for Endpoint update now tells security teams if there is a jailbroken iOS devices running in the organization.

Microsoft Seeing AI Gets LiDAR Support for the iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max

Microsoft Seeing AI now supports the new LiDAR sensor on Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro smartphones, as well as the haptic proximity sensor.

Former Windows President Says Success of iPhone ‘Blinded’ Microsoft to Apple’s iPad Plans

Former Windows president Stephen Sinofsky has reflected on the reaction to the iPad launch at Microsoft while hinting at its impact on PC sales.

The FBI May Already Have the Tools to Access Pensacola Shooter’s iPhone

New reports suggest that the FBI has previously unlocked an iPhone 11 Pro Max, raising questions about whether it truly needs Apple's help the bypass the Pensacola Shooter's device.
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Apple Stands Firm: Won’t Unblock iPhones For Terrorism Investigation

Apple is once again standing against FBI requests to help release data from iPhones related to a recent shooting.

Samsung Confirms the S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite with iPhone-like Camera Bumps

Samsung has confirmed the rumors of its value-oriented S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite smartphones, which it will showcase at CES 2020.

Microsoft Patent Describes a Docking Station to Bring Windows 10 and iPhone Closer Together

A Microsoft patent application appears to showcase an iPhone dock that would route call audio to a Windows 10 PC, closing some of the gaps between the ecosystems.

Unpatchable iOS Exploit Could Leave Seven Generations of iPhones Vulnerable

In another security blow for Apple, a researcher has handed an "unpatchable public bootrom exploit" to the jailbreak community.
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Apple Plans Xbox One and PS4 Controller Support for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV

Apple will introduce Xbox One and PS4 controller compatibility to iOS 13 and will also bring support to its Apple TV.

Microsoft Excel on iPhone Now Imports Tables from Images

Microsoft’s Excel application on iOS now reads tables in photos and exports them to an editable spreadsheet within the app.

Apple iPhone Scam Saw Students Gain $895,800 by Returning Fakes Devices

Two Chinese students studying in the U.S. brought fake iPhone models into the country and claimed warranty on them from Apple.

Apple Restarts iPhone 8 Sales in Germany With Qualcomm Exclusivity

To adhere to a patent infringement ruling, Apple only sells iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 models in Germany with a Qualcomm processor.

WhatsApp Deals Feature-Rich Update for iPhone Users

Over on iOS, WhatsApp beta is scoring a sizeable update, with new features for stickers, emojis, privacy in groups, and 3D Touch support.

The next Generation of iPhones Will Reportedly House 3D Rear Cameras

Apple's 2019 line of iPhone will reportedly make use of Sony's TOF 3D cameras, which let phones create 3D models of objects or enable gestures.

Microsoft News Update Arrives on iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has updated its new Microsoft News application on iOS devices by adding a new International (English) language.

Apple Faces Crisis and Cuts iPhone XS Production by 30%

Apple’s 70 million sales projection for the new iPhone XS devices will be much lower as production output has been significantly reduced.