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Kantar World Panel July

Kantar July 2016 Report: Windows Mobile Sales Share Grows in USA, Falls in UK

Windows Mobile sales share has risen by 0.8% in the USA, while the UK has fallen by 0.3% since June. This marks a large overall decline year-on-year for the OS.
Kantar World Panel June

Kantar: Windows Phone Sales Fall in Most Regions, Up in Australia and Spain

New data from Kantar shows decreases in most EU5 countries, while the US remains stable and Austria returns to growth.
Windows Market Share Kantar

Kantar: Microsoft’s Windows Phones Sell Less in Europe, Gain in USA

The numbers for May show that Windows Phone sales are still declining in Europe and remain at a low of 0.1% in Japan.

Kantar: Microsoft’s Windows Phone Sales Decline to Record Low in US

The Windows phone platform is bleeding users to Android according to new market figures from Kantar, with Microsoft hardware sales declining in all major markets.
Smartphone market share kantar december Q

Kantar Survey: Windows Phone loses global market share but grows in UK and China

The most recent smartphone market share survey by Kantar reveals the expected decline of Windows Phone. In contrary to the trend UK shows strong growth and also China is seeing some improvement.
Microsoft Campus Logo Microsoft  e

Microsoft Drops TV Ads amid Economic Slowdown

Microsoft has put a pause on all TV ads related to its main Microsoft brand following a slowdown in the overall economy.
Opera Savings Data Windows Phone Opera e

Windows Phone Appears “Dead”, Not Included in Microsoft’s 10Q SEC Planning for Q3 2017

While many might say that Windows Phone is practically dead already, it appears we had to wait until Microsoft’s latest Quarterly Report got published...
Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer on Windows Phone: Microsoft Should Have Moved towards the Hardware Business Faster

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has revealed how we would handle the Windows Phone differently in an interview with Bloomberg, attributing part of the devices’ decline to the troubled launch of Windows Vista.
Windows  Mobile Microsoft Official

Microsoft’s Strategic Play with Windows 10 Mobile Was the Company’s Long Game

A decision to pull back from mobile hardware coupled with tumbling market share led many to predict the end of Windows 10 Mobile. However, Microsoft has confirmed one of my long-term beliefs, that Windows 10 Mobile will be maintained as a strategic platform.
Vahé Torossian Wikimedia

Microsoft France President: We Will Leave Consumer Smartphone Market for ‘a Few Years’

Vahé Torossian has confirmed the company will be focusing on the enterprise market for the time being. The Redmond giant plans to return in a few years when it has more of a chance.
Microsoft is committed to windows  mobile

Microsoft: We’re Committed to Windows 10 Mobile and First-Party Devices

Microsoft's mention of 'first-party devices' suggests that the Surface Phone is more than a rumor, but claims of commitment to Windows 10 Mobile have angered some users.
Windows Phone

Samsung Entices Windows Phone 8.1 Users with Smart Switch Update

The Samsung Smart Switch app has been updated with support for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 operating system, making it easier than ever for users to move from Lumia to Samsung.
Microsoft Logo Microsoft

Microsoft Laying off Another 2,850 Employees in Phone Hardware and Sales

The layoffs continue the company's aggressive restructuring of their mobile phone business and are expected to be completed by the 2017 fiscal year.
Microsoft Headquarter free use

Microsoft Q4 FY2016: $5.5bn Net Income, $22.6bn Revenue; Azure up 102%, Surface up, Phone...

Despite this, the company experienced a year on year decline of seven percent in revenue, and a large drop in device sales. At the forefront of this fall was the Phone market, which declined by 71 percent.

Here Maps Are No Longer Available for Windows 10 Mobile

Here Maps has ended support for Windows 10 and therefore will no longer work on the latest suite of Lumia devices.
Microsoft Lumia  Microsoft

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Platform Declines Drastically in Europe

Kantar Worldpanel has released mobile market details for the first quarter and in the EU5 nations Windows Phone has all but collapsed.
iOS to Windows  App bridge official website

Microsoft Makes iOS to Windows 10 App Porting Easier with UWP Porting Guidance

In an effort to convince developers to port their iOS apps to Windows 10, Microsoft has released an app development concept map which aligns software development concepts across the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

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