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Microsoft Faces Legal Hurdles Over Activision Deal and Mass Layoffs

FTC sues Microsoft over layoffs after Activision Blizzard deal, claiming violation of antitrust laws.
Microsoft campus headquarters in Redmond

Several Tech Giants Announce Massive Layoffs Amid Healthy Profit Margins

Thousands of tech workers are facing layoffs as companies like Bandcamp, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, Nokia, and Qualcomm reduce their workforces.
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Microsoft Announces Organizational Restructuring with Layoffs in LinkedIn, Engineers Bearing the Brunt

LinkedIn is once again losing jobs amid Microsoft's company-wide cuts, with hundreds leaving the engineering team.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google Employees Left Heartbroken as Hundreds of More Layoffs Begin

Google's decision for recent lay-offs was primarily due to economic hurdles that affected the company's core advertising sector the previous year.
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Microsoft Shifting Metaverse Strategy with HoloLens Layoffs and AltSpaceVR Shutdown

Microsoft’s HoloLens and MRTK job cuts, alongside the closure of AltSpaceVR, signals change in the company’s AR/VR ambitions.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google Announces 12,000 Layoffs, 6% of Its Global Workforce

Google says it is laying off 12,000 employees globally, blaming a slowing economy following years of “dramatic growth”.

Microsoft HoloLens Employees Facing Layoffs amid 11,000 Person Job Cuts

Microsoft’s decision to cut over 10,000 jobs in the coming three months will include HoloLens employees leaving their positions.
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Microsoft 2017 Layoffs Confirmed, 3,000 Jobs Cut from Sales Business

Microsoft 2017 layoffs will include 3,000 employees leaving from the sales and marketing business. The announcement comes as part of the company’s restructuring of sales towards the cloud.
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Microsoft Layoffs 2017: “Thousands” from Global Salesforce Expected to Lose Their Jobs

A new report suggests Microsoft will this week announce significant job cuts from its global salesforce as part of a reorganizational push towards the cloud.

How New Gaming Technology Might Save the Games Industry

This article was contributed by OutreachMantra-founder Rajesh Jhamb. The gaming industry is on fire right now (regardless of the layoffs), with tech changing the game...

Activision Blizzard Unveils Elsewhere Entertainment in Warsaw Amid Microsoft’s Gaming Restructuring

The opening of a new Activision Blizzard studio in Poland comes despite recent widespread layoffs in Microsoft's gaming division.

Microsoft Offers Severance to ZeniMax Employees Following Studio Closures

Microsoft offers voluntary buyouts to ZeniMax staff after studio closures. This follows resource allocation concerns and strategy changes
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Google Faces Legal Challenge from Over 30 European Publishers for Alleged Anticompetitive Behavior

European media sues Google for €2.1 billion, claiming its adtech practices hurt ad revenue and competition.

Spotify Trims Staff by 17% in Strategic Cost-Cutting Initiative

Spotify cuts 1,500 jobs (17%) to streamline operations and prepare for slower growth. Stock rises 2% on investor confidence in the move.

Google and Lendlease Discontinue Plan for California Master-Planned Communities

Google and Lendlease have stopped plans for the San Francisco Bay Project, a massive mixed-use development that would have included 15,000 new housing units.
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LinkedIn Introduces an AI-Powered Chatbot to Guide Job Seekers

LinkedIn now has its own chatbot, which is powered by OpenAI GPT-4, helping users connect with the best jobs.

Songtradr Acquires Bandcamp amidst Epic Games’ Strategic Shifts

Epic Games has sold its Bandcamp division to Songtradr as the company attempts to balance the books amid job cuts.

Gizmodo Replaces Spanish Staff with AI Translation

The decision reflects a prevailing trend in the media sector.

Google Assistant to Gain Bard-like New Abilities with Generative AI

Google Assistant is getting a major overhaul with the integration of generative AI. This will allow Bard chatbot-like features.
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Twitter Imposes Temporary Reading Limits Amidst User Outage Reports

The announcement led to thousands of Twitter users reporting problems with the service, including the inability to retrieve tweets, missing timelines, and disappearing followers.

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