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IDC: Microsoft’s Windows Phone to have 0.0% Market Share Within Five Years

In a five-year prediction, IDC says Windows Phone will collapse completely. The forecast comes on the back of a steady decline in market share for the platform, and it is hard to see how Microsoft can turn it around.
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Kantar Survey: Windows Phone loses global market share but grows in UK and China

The most recent smartphone market share survey by Kantar reveals the expected decline of Windows Phone. In contrary to the trend UK shows strong growth and also China is seeing some improvement.
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IDC: Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile will not increase market share until 2019

The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile will not grow its market share until 2019. Low shipment forecasts and slower growth is largely attributed for Windows Phone and “alternative platforms”.

Microsoft Rolls Out Feature-Rich Windows 11 Update

Windows 11 update brings AI-powered features like object removal in Photos, voice commands, and improved multitasking.

Microsoft Is Working on vTPM Support in Hyper-V for Windows on ARM VMs

A new Windows 11 Insider preview build shows the company is now testing vTPM support in Hyper-V for Windows on ARM.

Arm Files to Go Public on the US Stock Market

Arm Limited owner SoftBank is moving ahead with its IPO plans in the US, which will make the British company a private company.

Microsoft Debuts Phone Link on iOS, Bridging Windows 11 with iPhone

Microsoft is now rolling out its Phone Link service to iOS, allowing Windows 11 users to connect to their iPhone, including iMessage.

Report: Smartphone Market Declines for the 5th Consecutive Quarter

The smartphone market continues its consistent decline, with a fifth consecutive quarter of being down, with only Samsung increasing share.

Windows 11 Will Reportedly Put More Focus on Foldable Compatibility in 2023

Microsoft is working on Windows 11 features for folding PCs, with the first additions coming with the Windows 11 Moment 3 update.

Report: Oppo Could Enter the Foldable Smartphone Market as Early as This Year

Oppo will launch its foldable smartphones sooner than expected, including a flip clamshell and folding book-style device.

Google Still Has Plans for Foldable Pixel Smartphone

Google is targeting a 2022 launch for its folding Pixel smartphone and display production could start by the third quarter.

Microsoft: Windows 11 Android Apps Not Coming to Xbox

Microsoft says Android app support on Windows 11 will not extend to Xbox following Windows Subsystem for Android confusion.

Surface Duo Ad Aims to Show There’s More to Microsoft’s Smartphone Than Just Business

Microsoft is rolling out a TV ad showing the consumer side of the Surface Do as the company gears up for expanding availability.

Windows 10 Could Come to Apple’s M1 MacBook’s despite Early Software Troubles

Apple M1 MacBook’s are facing early software compatibility issues as the company says Windows 10 on ARM support is possible.

Redditors Accuse Microsoft of Hiding Option to Make a Windows 10 Local Account

Windows 10 Home users say the ability to create an offline account only surfaces when they disconnect from the internet or enter an email incorrectly.

Windows 10 Has Reportedly Spurred a PC Shipment Growth in Q2

The PC market has returned to growth after several quarters of disappointing performance. Analysts suggest that adoption of Windows 10 played a large role in the growth.

Microsoft and Kano Launch the Kano PC, a New DIY PC Running Windows 10

The Kano PC will be available later this year and allows students to build their own PC running Windows 10 Education from a kit.
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China is Seeking to Replace Windows as U.S. Trade War Intensifies

China will reportedly ditch Microsoft Windows in favor of an in-house OS, in a move that seems like payback for the Huawei ban.

Google Working on Self Share, a Stronger Version of Microsoft’s Continue on PC

With the might of Chrome behind it, Google’s Self Share will allow users to seamlessly sync content from one device to another.

PC Sales Growing for First Time in Six Years Thanks to Windows 10 Refresh...

Traditional PC sales have made a triumphant return thanks to businesses and Windows 10, but the growth isn't expected to last. As new mobile devices flourish, analysts expect to see a continual decrease in the market in the long-term.

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