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Microsoft Debuts Z-Code AI to Enhance Azure AI and Microsoft Translator

Z-code AI models are more efficient for learning and are bringing improvements to Microsoft Translator and Azure AI services.
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Microsoft Translator Gets 11% Quality Improvement Thanks to Research Advances

Advances used to reach human parity earlier in the year are now available in Microsoft Translator, powering a more accurate experience across Bing, Office 365, and Azure.

SwiftKey for Android’s Microsoft Translator Feature Rolls out to All

SwiftKey for Android now lets users write messages in different languages on the fly, as well as translate replies quickly. The update also adds support for a number of languages.

SwiftKey for Android Gets Microsoft Translator Support for Quick Multi-Language Messaging

The latest SwiftKey for Android beta lets users translate their messages on the fly, greatly speeding up the process and bringing it in line with Google's G Board.
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Microsoft Translator Gets Cortana Integration on Windows

Microsoft Translator is getting a major update that also includes Windows Ink support, Offline language packs, and more.
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Microsoft Translator Bests Google with NMT Offline Translation Breakthrough

Microsoft touts a 23% improvement in offline translation for Translator. AI-powered neural machine translation is now on Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire.
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6 New Text-to-Speech Languages Are Now Available in Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator now supports Bulgarian, Croatian, Malay, Slovenian, Tamil, and Vietnamese, putting the total text-to-speech languages at 36. The languages will also be available for live translations.
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Microsoft Translator for iOS Gets 3.0.5 Update, with New Animations, Intuitive Offline Modes, and...

Microsoft Translator for iOS 3.0.5 adds the option to turn off profanity filters, more intuitive 'save for offline' functionality, in-app feedback, and more. The update was available three weeks ago for Android users.

Microsoft Translator Now Speaks Japanese and Hindi on iOS

The latest iOS update for Microsoft Translator brings the service up to version 3.0.3. The release also brings offline text translation for the Filipino language.

Microsoft Translator to be Discontinued on Older Windows Builds this Week

Microsoft says the Microsoft Translator app will no longer be available for download on older Windows builds this week. Furthermore, the app will stop functioning completely at the end of April.
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Microsoft Translator Gets Performance and Connection Fixes in Latest Android Update

Microsoft Translator 3.0.165 reduces load times and disconnection issues, creating a more responsive, stable experience.
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Microsoft Translator Bilingual Conversation Data Publicly Released

The bilingual conversation corpus from conversation data in Microsoft Translator creates a standard for measuring conversation speech translation systems.
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Microsoft Translator Gets State-of-the-Art Neural Network Based Translations

All speech translation apps that use this service, like Skype Translator and the Microsoft Translator app for mobile devices, now use neural network technology.
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Microsoft Translator to Recieve Multi-Lingual Group Conversation Support

A Microsoft Translator demo shows three participants speaking English, German and French receiving real-time text translation on mobile.
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Microsoft Translator Arrives as Edge Extension and Skype UWP Integration

With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Microsoft Translator suite is available to Edge users as an extension directly in their browser. Skype users on the Universal Windows Platform Preview app can also use the translation service.
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Microsoft Translator Adds Cantonese Text Translation Support

Microsoft has broken language barriers by introducing Cantonese text translation and integrating it with Skype for Windows Desktop.
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Microsoft Translator App gets More Functionality on iOS and Android

Redmond’s Translator app is getting a key update, adding features that bring the service closer to Google Translate, although which feature you get depends on OS
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New Microsoft Translator API adds external dictionary support and other customization features

The latest Microsoft Translator API update brings four new levels of customization, which permit companies to tailor the system to their own needs.

Microsoft Kills Translator in OneNote for Windows 10

Microsoft's decision to axe the translation feature in OneNote will take effect in November 2023.

Microsoft Custom Translator Version 2 Now Available

Microsoft has launched Custom Translator version 2, expanding the service to more Azure regions with improved capabilities.

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