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Minecraft Crosses 200 Million Copies Sold as Developer Becomes Mojang Studios

Microsoft says Minecraft developer Mojang is now called Mojang Studios. The game has sold over 200 million units and has 127 million monthly users.

Minecraft Earth Receives Major New Update

In a blog post, the Minecraft Earth team announced significant new tools while also discussed changes to reflect the COVID-19 outbreak.

Minecraft Blockdown Simulator Brings Social Distancing Education to Java Players

Minecraft Blockdown Simulator is a new map focused on COVID-19, allowing Java Edition players to learn about social distancing.

Minecraft Dungeons Now Arriving on May 30

Microsoft has rescheduled the release of Minecraft Dungeons, from April 30 to May 26, amid ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Minecraft Earth Update Makes It Easier to Collect from the Safety of Your Home

Minecraft Earth now has an increased spawn rate and the ability to do adventures from home to stop its users from spreading coronavirus in the wild.

Microsoft Adds Education Section to Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft users can now head to the Marketplace and pick up Education-focused tools to help children amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Minecraft Education Edition is Now Free to Eligible Microsoft 365 Users

Microsoft says educators can now apply for free access to Minecraft Education Edition amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.

Minecraft Dungeons Gets April 30 Release Date

A Microsoft Store placeholder for Minecraft Dungeons shows the upcoming game will be available from April 20.

Microsoft Delays Minecraft Festival Due to Coronavirus Chaos

Minecraft Festival planning for September has been deemed too difficult amid coronavirus chaos, so Microsoft has decided to delay the event.

Minecraft Earth Gets New Mobs, Minis, and Monetization

Minecraft Earth has introduced the Glow Squid and Skeleton Wolf mobs, while it prepares for boosts that affect anything from attack damage to smelting speed boosts.

Minecraft Gets Mega-Detailed Harry Potter Mod

Minecraft modding team Floo Network has announced a Harry Potter game that includes all major locations from the stories.

Nvidia Showcases Graphical Improvements for Minecraft From Ray Tracing

In a new video, Nvidia has highlighted how Minecraft graphics will be vastly improved by the introduction of ray tracing technology.

Minecraft Earth Early Access Receives Large Update

Minecraft Earth early adopters can update the VR game with an extensive bump that is mostly focused on performance improvements.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Arrives on PS4 With Cross Play Alongside

Cross Play for Minecraft is now fully available on PlayStation 4 thanks to the release of the Bedrock Edition update.

Vatican Priest Leverages Minecraft to Create Hate-Free Gaming Environment

A priest has selected Minecraft to be the platform for a gaming environment that provides a hate-free space for people to play.

Minecraft Beta Gains Character Creator for Avatar Customization

Minecraft Beta users can now change their character with the new Character Creator tool, including body shape, size, and facial changes.

Microsoft Opens Minecraft Earth Pre-Registrations on Android

Nearly a month after starting tests of Minecraft Earth on iOS, Microsoft has opened pre-registration on Google’s Android platform.

Microsoft and Nvidia Team to Boost Minecraft Graphics

Microsoft and Nvidia have announced ray tracing support for Minecraft on PC, which will improve graphics on the game.

Mojang Cancels Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack after Two Years of Hedging

Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics Pack was 'too technically demanding' for Mojang to implement, and won't be launching on any platform.

iOS Users Will Be Able to Play Minecraft Earth within Two Weeks

The Minecraft Earth beta will launch within two weeks for iOS users, and for Android shortly after. Among other things, the app will let users collect blocks and use them to build room-scale structures.