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Minecraft Beta Gains Character Creator for Avatar Customization

Minecraft Beta users can now change their character with the new Character Creator tool, including body shape, size, and facial changes.

Microsoft Opens Minecraft Earth Pre-Registrations on Android

Nearly a month after starting tests of Minecraft Earth on iOS, Microsoft has opened pre-registration on Google’s Android platform.

Microsoft and Nvidia Team to Boost Minecraft Graphics

Microsoft and Nvidia have announced ray tracing support for Minecraft on PC, which will improve graphics on the game.

Mojang Cancels Minecraft’s Super Duper Graphics Pack after Two Years of Hedging

Minecraft's Super Duper Graphics Pack was 'too technically demanding' for Mojang to implement, and won't be launching on any platform.

iOS Users Will Be Able to Play Minecraft Earth within Two Weeks

The Minecraft Earth beta will launch within two weeks for iOS users, and for Android shortly after. Among other things, the app will let users collect blocks and use them to build room-scale structures.

Microsoft Partners with WWF for Minecraft Education Edition Curriculum

Microsoft and the WWF have created Extinction! A Biodiversity Crisis for Minecraft Education Edition, which will launch this summer.

Streamer Builds Minecraft Within a Minecraft Chest

A YouTube streamer has managed to create the Minecraft game within a Minecraft chest, creating a game within a game concept.

Microsoft Announces Immersive Reader for Minecraft and Updates for Teams Education Versions

Microsoft has revealed Immersive Reader is coming to Minecraft for Education, while Teams for Education is also receiving new features.

Microsoft Reveals Minecraft, Teams, and PowerPoint Features Coming for the next School Year

Microsoft has announced education-focused features across a number of products, including an immersive reader for Minecraft and UI changes for Teams.

Microsoft’S Xbox E3 Games Blitz Continues with “Gears of War 5” And “Minecraft Dungeons”

Microsoft has detailed Gears of War 5 and Flight Simulators at Xbox E3 2019. Also showcased were Minecraft Dungeons, and a Lego expansion for Forza Horizon 4.

Minecraft Earth Gets First Full Gameplay Demo at Apple’s WWDC

Minecraft Earth's first live gameplay showcased the collaborative aspect of the AR game while delving into emerging tech like person occlusion, powered by Apple's ARKit.

Minecraft Earth Arrives as Microsoft’s First AR Game

Available for free on iOS and Android, Minecraft Earth allows users to play Minecraft through mixed reality, combining virtual with real-world environments.

Minecraft Classic Arrives on Browsers in Original Form (Bugs Included)

If you want to sample the world’s most popular game at genesis, head to Minecraft Classic on your browser for a different experience altogether.

Microsoft Cuts All Ties with Minecraft Creator Notch, Including 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Microsoft has said Minecraft creator Markus Persson will not be a part of the games’ 10th anniversary due to “comments and opinions”.

Minecraft Movie Premier Coming, but Not Until 2022

Microsoft has reconfirmed its Minecraft Movie is full steam ahead, with a launch now scheduled for March 2022.
Minecraft: Adventure Time

Microsoft Store Says Minecraft Has Sold 30 Million Units on PC

Microsoft has confirmed Minecraft has been purchased 30 million times for PC, continuing the amazing success of the game.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Finally Gets Shields, Crossbows, and Lanterns

Minecraft's Bedrock Edition has scored a major update that brings several features out of experimental mode while introducing new creatures and items.
Minecraft flickr

Mojang Drops Minecraft Support for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PS Vita

Minecraft is no longer supported on last-generation game systems. The game will still run but will not get any new features.

Microsoft Builds New Redmond Headquarters in Minecraft

Users of Minecraft Education Edition can now explore and create within Microsoft’s upcoming new campus thanks to a commissioned build developed by Blockworks.

Microsoft Calls for Cross-Platform Minecraft as Sony Cools down on Fortnite

Microsoft says it's open to cross-platform with PS4 after Sony's sudden shift in stance with Fortnite. Though unlikely, the change would signal a complete turnaround and several benefits for PS4 owners.


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