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Wix’s AI Chatbot Crafts Sites Instantaneously Based on User Prompts

Wix launches new AI website builder, creating sites in seconds through a chatbot. Users can answer prompts and the AI builds a basic website.

ARM Targets Intel Server Dominance with New Arm Neoverse Platforms

ARM is extending its range of server platforms to four, with the upcoming Arm Neoverse V1 with SVE and scalable Neoverse N2.

Microsoft Confirms the Surface Neo Has Not Been Cancelled

“Neo is delayed” says Microsoft’s Panos Panay, suggesting the Surface Neo Windows 10X device will ship eventually.

Microsoft Confirms Surface Neo Won’t Ship This Year

Microsoft has updated product information for the Surface Neo, removing the proposed “Holiday 2020” launch timeframe.

Microsoft Surface Neo and Surface Duo Use Innovative Tech to Improve Usability

It seems Microsoft’s Surface Neo and Surface Duo devices use brain scanning technology and electromyography monitors.

Microsoft Postpones the Surface Neo to Focus on Windows 10X

Microsoft has decided to not launch the Surface Neo in 2020 to focus on Windows 10X on single screen devices.

Microsoft DART Issues First Report Detailing Six Simultaneous Attacks on a Customer

Microsoft’s DART cybersecurity group helped a customer remove six simultaneous attacks on its system, including a state-sponsored bad actor.

Microsoft Announces Windows 10X Emulator for Surface Neo

Microsoft is pushing forward with preparations for the Surface Neo with the first Windows 10X emulator for developers.

Microsoft Debuts SDKs for Surface Duo and Surface Neo

Microsoft is engaging developers with SDKs for the Surface Duo (Android) and Surface Neo (Windows 10X) on the Inside.

Microsoft Patent Proposes Dual-Screen Emulator to Aid Surface Neo Development

Microsoft's prosed dual-screen emulator would show a 3D mockup of devices like the Surface Neo so developers can properly gauge how their apps will flow across screens.

Microsoft Patent Describes Surface Duo and Neo Closing Mechanism

A new patent from Microsoft shows a potential magnet closure for the Surface Duo and its larger sibling, the Surface Neo.

Microsoft Confirms Surface Duo and Surface Neo will Support Existing Apps

However, for the Surface Duo, Android applications will only work on one of the screens as Microsoft works on a solution.

Microsoft Encourages Devs to Embrace Dual-Screen Ahead of Surface Duo and Neo Launch

Microsoft is encouraging developers to start thinking about dual-screen development, offering more information to early adopters but signaling an extended push in 2020.

Microsoft Patent Points to Surface Duo and Surface Neo Method for Handling UI Changes

A new patent shows a technology called Control Logic for the Surface Duo and Surface Neo, which will help the UI move from one screen to another.

Intel Unveils the Surface Neo’s Low-Power Tremont CPU Architecture

Intel's Tremont architecture will offer significant improvements to IPC over previous x86 architectures and theoretically offer the Neo better performance at a lower power draw.

Surface Duo and Neo to Get a “Good Camera” According to Microsoft’s Panos Panay

Surface chief Panos Panay says the Surface Duo and Surface Neo folding devices will receive good cameras without delving into specifics.

Microsoft Patent Gives Surface Duo and Neo Secure Screen Orientation

A Microsoft patent describes a method to stop the dual screens of the Surface Duo and Surface Neo from randomly changing screen orientation.

Microsoft Reveals Surface Neo, a Game-Changing Folding Dual-Screen Device with Windows 10X Platform

Microsoft has announced the Surface Neo, a dual-screen device powered by the new Windows 10X experience and due to launch next year.

Microsoft’s Project Neon Brings Transparent Tiles to Windows 10 Start Menu

The latest concepts for the Project Neon UI overhaul for Windows 10 show that the Start Menu will benefit from the blur and transparent designs.

Microsoft Gets its Groove on With Music Videos and Hints at Project Neon Windows...

In a new Insider update for Groove Music on Windows 10 PC and Mobile, Microsoft has added the ability to watch music videos. Interestingly, the company is also making early movements towards Project Neon with a subtle new Groove design tweak.

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