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Microsoft Seperates Teams from Office to Escape Antitrust Probe

Microsoft Teams will be sold separately from Microsoft Office in the EU, as Microsoft moves to avoid an antitrust investigation.

Microsoft 365 Copilot in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook Gives Core Office Apps an...

Microsoft 365 Copilot is bringing OpenAI ChatGPT AI to Microsoft’s core Office apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

GitHub Debuts Guides for Creating an Open Source Program Office (OSPO)

GitHub OSPO is a new repository that gives open source program office users guidelines and tools to manage their projects.
Featured - how to set out of office in outlook

How to Set an Out-of-Office Message in Outlook

We show you how to set up out-of-office in Outlook.com and the Outlook app in our step-by-step tutorial.
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Microsofts Plan to Bring ChatGPT-like AI to Office Apps Is Close to a Demo

Microsoft’s OpenAI GPT (ChatGPT) integration for Office apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook is close to being announced.

GitHub Laying off 10% Closing All Offices and Going All in on Remote Work

The company is also looking to reduce its operating costs through spending less on hardware.

Windows Bug Related to Clickshare Is Leaving Start, Taskbar, and Office Unclickable

Microsoft is investigating a Windows 11 and Windows 10 flaw related to Barco’s popular ClickShare conferencing app.

Microsoft 365 Insider Program Replaces the Office Insider Program

The Office Insider Program is now the Microsoft 365 Insider Program and will expand previews to non-Office applications.
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Microsoft Office Receives New Insider Update

Microsoft Office Version 2212 (Build 15911.20000) is now available in preview, but does not include any new features.

Microsoft Office Mobile Is Ditching Some Features

Microsoft says it is removing Share Nearby from Office Mobile on Android because the feature is not meeting expectations.

Microsoft’s Office Group Head, Joe Belfiore, Is Leaving the Company

Microsoft’s Office Group Corporate Vice President, Joe Belfiore, is leaving the company to retire after 32 years.
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Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption Could Lead to Major Data Breach

A Message Encryption flaw in Microsoft Office 365 could allow threat actors to decipher messages by taking patterns from data.

Microsoft Office Gets AI Art Generator through Microsoft Designer

Microsoft is using DALL∙E 2 AI within its new Microsoft Designer app for Office apps, furthering its relationship with OpenAI.

Microsoft to Support Office 2016 and 2019 beyond Microsot 365 Back-End Services Cut-Off

Microsoft says it will continue to support Office 2016 and Office 2019 on Microsoft 365 back-end services beyond their cut-off.
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Microsoft Has Now Blocked Office VBA Macros by Default

After a pointless will they, won’t they game during July, Microsoft has now blocked Office VBA macros for Windows Office apps.

Microsoft Will Still Block Office VBA Macros by Default Eventually

The decision to reverse a block on Office VBA macros is only temporary says Microsoft, with a block still coming in the future.
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Microsoft Won’t Be Blocking Office VBA Macros After All

Microsoft has decided to roll back a decision to block Office VBA macros by default for Microsoft 365 customers.
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Microsoft Office “Follina” Flaw Is Being Used for Fancy Bear Phishing Campaign

Fancy Bear is using the fear of nuclear war to install malicious stealers by using the Microsoft Follina one-click vulnerability.
Cybersecurity Lock Notebook Keyboard via Pixabay

Microsoft Office 365 Users Are at Risk from Ransomware Warns Researcher

Proofpoint argues Office 365 “auto-save” and cloud backups have a weakness that allows threat actors to deploy ransomware attacks.
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Microsoft Office Apps Get New Dictation Toolbar Experience

Microsoft is launching a new Dictation toolbar for Office apps on Windows, Mac, and the Web, currently in preview.

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