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Office 365 Backup Solutions: Why Businesses Need Them

On May 19th of 2019, it happened. Caused by a faulty migration from legacy DNS to Azure DNS, Microsoft's most important enterprise services were...

Microsoft Office 365 Targeted by Google Docs Phishing Attack

Threat actors are using a letter from Google Docs to trick Microsoft Office 365 users through a new phishing attack on organizations.

Office 365 Gets AI-Powered Tool for Exporting Word Documents to PowerPoint

With Export to PowerPoint, Office 365 users running Word online can now convert documents into professional presentations.

Microsoft Updates AMSI in Office 365 to Stop Macro Malware in Excel XLM

Microsoft’s Antimalware Scan Interface in Office 365 will now scan Excel files received in the older XLM language for macro malware.

Microsoft Office 365 Account Credentials for Top C-Suite Execs Being Sold Online

A hacker is selling Office 365 account credentials across C-suite levels, with Microsoft Accounts going for between $100 and $1,500.

Microsoft Brings Stock Videos to Office 365

Microsoft 365 subscribers can now access stock videos on the Office 365 version of PowerPoint, currently available on Windows.
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Office 365 to Get Custom “+” Email Addresses This Quarter

Microsoft says it is bringing subaddressing to its Office 365 suite, allowing users to create custom tagged email addresses.

Microsoft Seizes Domains Related to Office 365 Phishing Attacks

Microsoft obtained a court order to thwart phishing attacks against unsuspecting Office 365 users during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Microsoft Office 365 Safe Documents Arrives as an Extension to Protected View

Safe Documents in Office 365 allows files opened in Protected View to be scanned by Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection before editing.
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Microsoft Office 365: CISA Warns of Security Concerns Amid Rushed Deployments

CISA has issued a security advisory warning new Office 365 organizations about deploying the service without following Microsoft’s best practices.

Office 365 Exchange Online Will Get Properly Encrypted Emails Through DANE and DNSSEC Support

Microsoft says it will bring DANE and DNSSEC protocols to Office 365 Exchange Online to adds more encryption protection.

Microsoft Reduces Some Office 365 Services to Cope with Demand During COVID-19 Pandemic

Microsoft has announced some service reductions in Office 365, specifically OneNote, SharePoint, and Stream.
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Microsoft Is Slowing down Office 365 to Cope with Increased Coronavirus Demand

Microsoft will reduce video resolution and the time between "x is typing" checks to ensure its services remain accessible under increased load.

Microsoft Confirms Mixer, Xbox Live, and Office 365 Are Working Again Following Outage

Microsoft suffered an outage across Xbox Live, Mixer, Office 365, and Xbox Live support on Sunday, but all services are back to normal.

Microsoft Backs out of Plan to Force Bing on Office 365 ProPlus Users

The installation of Microsoft Search in Bing will now be opt-in, rather than automatic, and users with the extension installed will still be able to switch search engine.

Microsoft Combines Office.com With the Office 365 App Launcher

Office.com and the Office 365 App Launcher are now the same tool. Microsoft also made changes to the way pinned apps behave.

Microsoft Search for Bing Becomes Default Search on Chrome for Office 365 ProPlus

Microsoft Search is now the default search tool for Google Chrome on Office 365 ProPlus users, with Firefox coming soon.
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Microsoft Changes Its Office 365’s Online Terms of Service after GDPR Concerns

Microsoft has adjusted its Office 365 Online terms of service to mitigate accusations surrounding GDPR investigations. It will now stop collecting commercial telemetry without the user's permission.

Microsoft Developing Office 365 Tool to Combat Reply-All Mail Storm Attacks

Microsoft says its Reply-All Mail Storm Protection tool will be available on Office 365 during the third quarter of 2020.

Microsoft’s Project Cortex Is Rolling out to Office 365, Enabling an Automatic Knowledge Network

Project Cortex automatically organizes relevant content into a knowledge base while delivering cards to users in Office applications to enhance their learning and provide fast access to relevant people and resources.