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Microsoft Debuts Outlook on Android Update with POP3 Support

Outlook on Android now supports POP3 email accounts and can function more seamlessly on large display devices.

Microsoft Brings Fluent Design Icons to New Outlook.com Experience

Microsoft is building on its recently launched overhaul Outlook.com by adding new icons based on Fluent Design.

Microsoft Forms Gains New Quick Poll Integration with Outlook

A new update for Microsoft Forms also adds a new Branching tool, alongside theme recommendations and the ability to start a quick in Office.com.

Microsoft’s Outlook for Web Overhaul to Reach All Users This Month

Microsoft says its new Outlook experience for web users will launch later this month, bringing multiple changes to the look and feel of the service.

Outlook on S/MIME Starts Testing S/MIME Support on iOS

Outlook users on iOS can now test S/MIME support, which allows emails to be encrypted and digitally signed by the user.

Office Mobile Insiders Get Features for Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint

Microsoft has rolled out several features to Office Insiders on iOS and Android, making significant improvements to Outlook and quickening file attachments.

Outlook for Android Gets Granular Notification Control, Microsoft Graph Additions

Outlook for Android users can quickly add contacts from business cards, view organization structure without leaving the app, and get notifications only from select contacts.

Microsoft Makes Sweeping Calendar Changes on Outlook for Windows

Outlook for Windows now has a more expansive meetings experience for its Calendar, with nine new features added to the app.

Hackers Are Reportedly Stealing the Bitcoins of Outlook Hack Victims

Several Outlook users claim attackers stole thousands in cryptocurrency from their accounts. The accusations come weeks after Microsoft admitted to a hack that compromised the emails of some users.

Microsoft Confirms Outlook.com Breach but Undersells Severity as Emails Are Compromised

Microsoft’s Outlook.com has been breached, with reports suggesting the service was exploited for 6 months and hackers had full access to emails.

Outlook for Web’s Upcoming Features Will Simplify Meeting Management

Outlook for Web will soon suggest relevant meeting times, locations, and documents to users, while making it easier to reply quickly to related emails.

Microsoft Patent Points to Outlook Getting Smarter through AI Integrations

Microsoft is working on a couple of AI integrations for the Outlook calendar, which would allow users to have a more automated scheduling tool.

Mozilla Roadmaps Thunderbird Improvements to Compete with Outlook and Gmail

Mozilla’s Thunderbird email client has arguably fallen behind the times, but despite a small operation the app will fight back in 2019.

Microsoft Issues December Update for Outlook.com, Including New Sign-in Experience

Outlook.com has received the new sign-in method Microsoft debuted last week, as well as some new changes to meetings.

Outlook.com Receives Improved Sign-In Experience

Organizations using Outlook.com through Office 365 now have a new way to sign-in to the service through a direct access to mail.
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Microsoft Fixes Outlook 2010 Security Update That Was Causing Crashes

The issue with Microsoft's Outlook 2010 security update has been remedied but problems with two previous patches and Access still remain.
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Microsoft Pulls Crash Causing Outlook 2010 Patches

Microsoft has pulled Office 2010 updates after they caused Access and Outlook 2010 to crash on startup. However, some contain important security fixes, forcing users to choose between safety and stability.

Microsoft Issues Outlook Calendar Tweak for iOS Devices

Users of iPhones and iPad with Outlook can now remove meetings from the Calendar via a single inbox button selection.

Microsoft To-Do Now Integrates with Outlook Through Shortcut Button

An Outlook build on the Insider is testing a shortcut button for Microsoft To-Do, emphasizing how important the task planner has become.

Microsoft Announces Business-Focused Outlook.com Features

Outlook.com is getting business features like verified accounts and Microsoft’s new Business Profiles service.


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