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Microsoft Halts Its Outlook REST API Depreciation Plans

Microsoft says it is delaying the deprecation of the Outlook REST API but will still stop supporting the package in 2023.

Microsoft 365 Personal and Family to Store Data from Outlook.com and OneDrive

Microsoft 365 Family and Personal users will get an additional 50GB cloud storage to store app attachments in OneDrive.
Windows 11 - Outlook.com - Settings - View All

Microsoft Outlook Is Now Previewing Link Unfurling

Microsoft Outlook is now getting the link unfurlings feature from Microsoft Teams, allowing richer linking experiences.

Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail Used in Inbox HYPERSCAPE Hack

A new email inbox malware attack known as HYPERSCAPE is targeting Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and other inboxes.

Microsoft Outlook and iOS on Android Is Getting More Ads

Microsoft Outlook is increasing the number of ads, with email-like ads showing up in all inboxes on iOS and Android.

Microsoft Debuts Outlook Lite App on Android

Microsoft’s recently announced Outlook Lite app for Android is now rolling out in emerging markets around the world.

Microsoft Outlook Crashing Due to Uber Ride Receipts

Microsoft says the “complex tables” Uber uses in emails are causing Outlook to crash on the Windows platform.

Microsoft Confirms Outlook Lite for Android

Microsoft says it will release Outlook Lite for Android later this month, offering a lighter version of Outlook for low-end devices.

Microsoft Editor Comes to Outlook across Platforms

Microsoft Editor on Outlook is now available on all platforms (Windows, macOS, web, iOS, and Android) for all users.

Microsoft Plans Outlook Feature to Help Declutter Inboxes

Microsoft Outlook on Mac is getting email reactions with emojis, a feature that is already available in iOS and Android.

Microsoft’s One Outlook Launches in Preview for Office Insiders

One Outlook is now available for Microsoft 365 and Office 365 business/education users on the Insider Beta channel.

Leaks Reveal Microsoft’s New One Outlook Email App

Microsoft’s One Outlook has rolled out as a leak, which has been confirmed by Microsoft and could be launching soon.

Microsoft Editor Comes to Outlook on iOS

Microsoft Editor is now built into Outlook on Apple’s iOS platform, bringing editing tips to iPhone and iPad users.
Featured - How to add BCC or CC in Outlook and Outlook

How to Add BCC or CC in Outlook and Outlook.com

We explain what Cc and Bcc in Outlook are while explaining how to add recipients and what situations to use them in.

Microsoft Teams Apps Are Coming to Outlook

Microsoft Teams app are scheduled to arrive on Outlook according to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, but not until end of 2022.

Gmail Gets New Design as Google Borrows from Microsoft’s Outlook

Gmail has a sleek new clean design that borrows UI elements from Microsoft Outlook. It is reaching users as an opt-in this month.

Microsoft’S One Outlook Heading for Spring Launch

Microsoft has been working on Project Monarch, the company’s One Outlook app. The Redmond giant is creating a unification of its Outlook apps into...
Featured - How to create and change signatures in Outlook

How to Add or Change an Email Signature in Outlook

We show you how to create a signature in Outlook using a set of Microsoft-provided templates. We also cover how to change signatures in Outlook if you have one already.

Microsoft Brings Passwordless Option to Outlook and OneDrive

A Passwordless option for singing into Microsoft Accounts has also been added to Microsoft Family Safety and other apps.

Microsoft Cutting Off Outlook 2010 and Older from Microsoft 365 Exchange

Microsoft says from November 1, Outlook 2010 and older will no longer have access to Microsoft 365 Exchange servers.