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Microsoft Cements Future Surface Duo Magnet Hinge Concept in Newly Found Patent

It seems clear Microsoft wants future iterations of the Surface Duo to have a magnet hinge that allows dual screens to be used separately.

Microsoft Patent Describes System for Improving Video Conferencing

A newly published Microsoft Patent shows a new light system that could be used to streamline video conferencing situations.

Microsoft Patent Shows Magnetic Hinge for Future Surface Duo Models

A Microsoft Patent shows how future Surface Duo devices could use magnetic hinges to connect together, and with peripherals.
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Microsoft Band Returning? Upcoming Surface Band? Microsoft Patent Points to New Fitness Tracker

A new Microsoft Patent suggests the company is returning to the Microsoft Band and could launch a Surface Band device.

Microsoft Surface Patent Sparks Smart Speaker Hopes

A new patent for a Microsoft Surface smart speaker suggests the company is finally working on a smart home device.

Microsoft Surface Headphones Patent Points to Integrated Fingerprint Reader

A newly discovered Microsoft Patent shows future Surface Headphones may receive a built-in fingerprint scanner.

Microsoft Surface Patent Points to Improved Fixability for Upcoming Devices

A patent focused on Microsoft Surface suggests Microsoft wants to improve the fixability of its hardware on coming products.

Microsoft Surface Phone Patent Shows Device with 3 Displays

Microsoft has detailed a Surface Phone follow-up for the Surface Duo that adds another screen to the dual-screen form factor.

Microsoft Patent Proposes a Cryptocurrency That’s Mined with Your Body Heat

Microsoft's idea involves the use of users' brainwaves and body heat data as a proof of concept, allowing them to perform tasks for cryptocurrency.

Microsoft Extends Smart Fabric Tech to a Patented Smart Glove

Microsoft has filed another smart fabric patent that describes a smart glove with electronic functionality baked in.

Microsoft Patent Points to Upcoming Automated Meeting Planner

A newly discovered Microsoft Patent describes and automated meeting planning tool that will be baked into current services.

Microsoft Patent Discusses Surface Duo Evolution to Folding Screen Tech

Future versions of the upcoming Surface Duo smartphone could have fully folding screens based on a new Microsoft patent.

Microsoft Patent Points to Surface Duo Evolution with Full Flexible Display

Could Microsoft’s Surface Duo have a fully flexible display in new generations? A Microsoft patent shows the company is working on the technology.
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Microsoft Joins Tech Giants in Dominating 2019’s Patent Rankings

Microsoft was one of the biggest receivers of patents in 2019 and had a 31% increase in the number of patents it was granted.

Microsoft Patent Proposes Dual-Screen Emulator to Aid Surface Neo Development

Microsoft's prosed dual-screen emulator would show a 3D mockup of devices like the Surface Neo so developers can properly gauge how their apps will flow across screens.

Microsoft Patent Shows a Surface Pro with Solar Panel Charging

A Microsoft patent describes a Surface Pro with solar panels on the back for extended battery life and less reliance on wall chargers.

Microsoft Patent Describes Surface Duo and Neo Closing Mechanism

A new patent from Microsoft shows a potential magnet closure for the Surface Duo and its larger sibling, the Surface Neo.

Microsoft Patent Describes a Docking Station to Bring Windows 10 and iPhone Closer Together

A Microsoft patent application appears to showcase an iPhone dock that would route call audio to a Windows 10 PC, closing some of the gaps between the ecosystems.

Microsoft Patent Would Have Cortana Summarize Messages from Difference Sources

Microsoft's Patent appears to be the original concept for Outlook's Play My Emails feature, but hints that further summary from other sources may be possible.

Huawei Patent Suggests Three Lens Flip Camera

Huawei is joining the growing tend of flip cameras on smartphones with a patent for a three lens flip module for an upcoming flagship.