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Microsoft and Stanford: Pokémon Go Players Could Live 41 Days Longer

The study reveals that Pokémon Go players in the US did an extra 144 billion steps since release, resulting in an increased life expectancy of 2,825 years in total.
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Pokémon GO Bubble Bursts: Mobile Game Monster Bleeding Users

After taking the world by storm through July, Pokémon GO’s user base is falling off a cliff. This month alone, the Niantic developed title has lost 12 million users.
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New Pokémon Go Ransomware Installs a Backdoor Windows Account

Disguised as a Pokemon Go app for Windows, the sophisticated ransomware spreads itself to removable hardware, therefore infecting computers beyond the original victim.
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PoGo-UWP Returning to Windows Phones? Developers Bringing Pokémon Go API Back

A week after Pokémon Go developer Niantic blocked third party APIs like PoGo-UWP, the developers say they have created another API and will launch it soon.
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Pokémon Go on Windows: Third Party APIs Shuttered by Niantic Update

Third party apps were providing Windows 10 Mobile users with a way to play Pokémon Go on Microsoft’s platform. However, a forced update has blocked those APIs and users are now even turning to Microsoft for help.
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PokéMon Go Comes to Windows 10 with PokGo UWP Client Beta

Pokémon Go is now available on Windows 10 Mobile in the form of a third party client called PoGo-UWP. The open-source client is not from Niantic Labs but is being developed by ST-Apps and other developers.
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Microsoft Portugal Claims to Bring Pokémon Go to Windows

Pokémon Go, one of the most trending games, so far is only available for iOS and Android but not on Windows Phone.
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Pokémon Go + Microsoft HoloLens: CapitolaVR Founder Shares Experience and Outdoor Gameplay Footage

We have talked with David Robustelli, Co-Founder and Head of Digital at Capitola.nl about their experience to create a playable Pokémon Go version for the Microsoft HoloLens.
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Demo: Pokémon GO on Microsoft HoloLens

Just days after CEO Satya Nadella said Pokémon GO on HoloLens could show the power of augmented reality, a new demo of the game has arrived. It shows the Nintendo hit title on HoloLens, although it is an unofficial port.
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Microsoft´s Satya Nadella Thinks PokéMon Go Will Spike Interest in Augmented Reality and HoloLens

During Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke with CNBC, discussing the release of Pokémon Go last week.

iToolab AnyGo: A GPS Location Spoofer That Puts You Anywhere in the World

AnyGo is a GPS relocation service from iToolab that also provides route simulation, GPX support, and location masking.

Pokémon Mod Gets Pulled from Minecraft, Official Pack Coming?

A popular Pokémon mod for Minecraft is no longer in development after a ‘request’ from The Pokémon Company. This could mean an official collaboration to bring Pokémon to Minecraft is close.
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Microsoft Brings Pokémon Detector to OneDrive

Microsoft is rolling out new updates for its OneDrive file and image storage service. The company has added a new Pokémon Detector, which will...

As Microsoft Prepares Minecraft Earth Closure, Is AR Gaming Failing?

Minecraft Earth will shutter this summer, pointing to a problem in the AR gaming market. However, the whole story suggests something different.

Minecraft Gets x UNIQLO Skins Vol 2 to Dress Characters

Microsoft is extending its partnership between Minecraft and clothes company UNIQLO with a new skins pack for game characters.

Minecraft Earth to End This Year, Gets New Update

Microsoft says it will sunset Minecraft Earth this June, but not before a major update that makes the whole game easier to play.

Minecraft Earth Update Makes It Easier to Collect from the Safety of Your Home

Minecraft Earth now has an increased spawn rate and the ability to do adventures from home to stop its users from spreading coronavirus in the wild.

HoloLens 2 Pre-Orders Are Making Their Way to Customers

The next-generation of HoloLens is shipping to enterprises able to afford its $3,500 price tag. After rolling out to select developers, the headsets are...

iOS Users Will Be Able to Play Minecraft Earth within Two Weeks

The Minecraft Earth beta will launch within two weeks for iOS users, and for Android shortly after. Among other things, the app will let users collect blocks and use them to build room-scale structures.

Minecraft Earth Gets First Full Gameplay Demo at Apple’s WWDC

Minecraft Earth's first live gameplay showcased the collaborative aspect of the AR game while delving into emerging tech like person occlusion, powered by Apple's ARKit.

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