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Project Centennial: Microsoft Fixes Boot Loop Bug via Windows 10 Build 14393.351

A bug that was causing crashes in popular Project Centennial apps such as Evernote and Ear Trumpet has now been remedied via Windows Build 14393.351.
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Microsoft’s Project Centennial in Action with Win32 Windows Accessories App Conversions

The Project Centennial feature that converts Win32 apps to Windows Store apps has been put to use by Microsoft, with some Win32 accessories being converted.

Microsoft Uses Project Centennial for Office 2016 Windows Store App

Microsoft has highlighted the importance and potential of Project Centennial by testing the Office 2016 application suite with the Universal Windows App toolkit.
Project Europe Build Tour WindowsPhoneApps

Microsoft Reveals Mysterious Project Europe at Build Tour in Barcelona

Project Europe was teased during the company’s Build Tour, although its function was not revealed it seems Europe could be an expanded concept of Project Rome.

Microsoft Introduces Full Office Apps on the Windows Store

A month after making an announcement, Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can now be downloaded from the Windows Store. Microsoft used its Project Centennial tool to convert the desktop apps to 32-bit versions.
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Spotify Comes to Windows 10 Through the Windows Store

Music streaming giant Spotify is bringing its app to the Windows Store within the next few weeks. This is the Win32 application brought to the store through Microsoft’s Project Centennial.

Apple Releases iTunes on the Microsoft Store with Some Added Benefits

iTunes remains largely unchanged in its Windows Store version, but some background adjustments reduce its bloatware and reliance on third-party services.

Spotify from Microsoft Store is Stopping Windows 10 from Creating System Restore Points

For the last four months, users have reported the Spotify app from the Windows Store is making random and invalid system restore points, making Windows 10 system restores redundant.
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Office Apps Available on Microsoft Store After Leaving Preview

All users can now download core Office apps from the Microsoft Store, bringing to fruition a plan first announced last year.

Microsoft to Integrate Progressive Web Apps with Windows 10 from Redstone 4

The next major Windows 10 build will introduce Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to PC users after Microsoft worked with Google on development.

Microsoft’s Windows Store is Full of Apps Offering Pirated Content

Users on the Windows Store have easy access to many apps that offer illegal content such as movies and music. These apps are presented as part of Microsoft’s trending now section.

Microsoft Subtly Reveals Spotify for Xbox One

After last week’s leak, an official Microsoft video shows the Spotify application running on Xbox One. However, the company has still not made an official announcement.

Microsoft Allegedly Ready to Launch Office UWP Apps, Possible Release on May 2

According to Aggiornamenti Lumia, the apps are reportedly ready and could be ported to the Windows Store, optimized for Windows 10, next month.
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Microsoft Bringing Full Office Suite to Windows Store

Using the Desktop App Converter, Microsoft will introduce the full Office suite for Windows Store. The apps will be available after the launch of the Windows 10 Creators Update.
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Microsoft Updates Desktop App Converter Tool to Version

The minor update adds an icon extraction feature which automatically uses icons found in app installers, adding them when converted apps get deployed.
Desktop App Converter Official

Microsoft Updates Desktop App Converter on Windows Store

Version of the Desktop App Converter has been introduced. The update gives developers tools for running the service anywhere from cmd or PowerShell, while auto-signing is now supported.
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Open Live Writer Now Available on the Windows Store

Microsoft has revealed a Windows Store port of the popular application Open Live Writer, which will now benefit from automatic updates.
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Microsoft’s Desktop App Converter Arrives in Windows Store

Anniversary Update-packing users can now get the Desktop App Converter app, while Microsoft also announced a slew of other new Windows Store apps.
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.EAPPX: Microsoft Testing Encrypted App Installs in Windows 10

A game has surfaced on the Windows Store which automatically encrypts its files on install. Users can not modify the data, and the system should give developers more protection.
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Microsoft Bringing UWP Dev Center to Xbox This Month

The launch of Windows Anniversary/Xbox One Summer Update means Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps are now available on Xbox. Microsoft has confirmed that developers will be able to start creating applications later this month.