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Microsoft Reveals Xbox One X Migration Path, Pre-Order Availability, and Project Scorpio Edition Details

At its Gamescom event, Microsoft announced three easy ways for users to transition from the Xbox One/Xbox One S to the new Xbox One X.

Microsoft Boosts Project Scorpio Dev Units By 1GB RAM Before Launch

Ahead of the console’s launch this weekend, Microsoft has given Project Scorpio developer units an extra dollop of RAM, bringing the total up to 9GB.

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Teases Reveal Launch Date and Mock Sony, Maybe

Microsoft’s various teaser videos for Project Scorpio could have some hidden meanings according to some eagle-eyed watchers. The console will be unveiled at E3 2017 this weekend.
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Microsoft “Focused” on Mixed Reality for PC, Not Project Scorpio

While Project Scorpio will have VR capabilities, Microsoft’s recent push for mixed reality (MR) on Windows 10 is the focus for the company. However, there is a long game on consoles that will be realized, just not at E3 2017.

Microsoft Details Project Scorpio Development Kit Improvements Ahead of E3

The Project Scorpio development kit will feature up to five times faster build push speeds from Xbox to PC, as well as 24GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD, and 4 extra CPU control units.
LS35X Headset

LucidSound Reveals First Project Scorpio Headset

LucidSound's latest headset will be completely wireless with no need for an external base station or cables. It will also support Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos.
Minecraft Skins Microsoft

Minecraft 4K Windows 10 Edition Allegedly in Project Scorpio’s Launch Titles List

According to a report, the hit sandbox game developed by Mojang could be among the initial titles released for Microsoft’s upcoming console.

Microsoft Project Scorpio Dev Kits LCD Screen Shown in Action

The LCD screen on the Project Scorpio developers kit allows dev’s to see information such as framerate and read and write data on the console.

Project Scorpio: Phil Spencer Talks Besting Sony and Why It’s Not All about 4K

In a revealing interview, Phil Spencer says the ability of Project Scorpio to improve 1080p titles will appeal to Xbox One users, while also talking about cost, developer support, and playing catch up.

Microsoft Shows Full Potential of Project Scorpio for 4K and Improving Xbox One Titles

In a new private demo, Microsoft shows images of Project Scorpio running native 4K capabilities and also how the console can improve current 1080p Xbox One games.

Project Scorpio Listings Leaks Price at $430

A leaked listing for Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scorpio console suggests that the device will be reasonably priced. However, is it worth paying attention to such a leak so far ahead of launch?

Microsoft Confirms Project Scorpio Launch for E3 2017

An official announcement for the Xbox Scorpio console reveal has been sent out. We have recently learned the specs and general look of the device, but the full details will come at E3 2017 in June.

Microsoft Xbox Scorpio Dev Kit Hardware Revealed

We now have a very good idea what the Xbox Scorpio will look like. The dev kits feature some difference, including an OLED information display on the front.
AMD FreeSync with Project Scorpio

Microsoft´s next Console Xbox Scorpio Gets AMD FreeSync and Next-Gen HDMI 2.1

AMD FreeSync support in Project Scorpio / Xbox Scorpio will lead to smoother experiences, with less stuttering and screen tearing. However, it could be a while until the average user sees the benefit of the hardware.

Microsoft Project Scorpio Will Lose Hardware Battle with PS4, but May Win the War

An analyst for NPD Group suggests Project Scorpio will help Xbox One consoles outsell PS4’s in the US during 2017. However, the upcoming console may not appeal to most consumers, but Microsoft is playing a strategy that goes beyond this generation.

Project Scorpio: Microsoft Updates Xbox Website with New Specs

The Xbox website now reflects the Project Scorpio specs released by Digital Foundry yesterday. It offers explanations for Microsft's 'Hovis' performance optimization and cooling details.

Project Scorpio Specs are Fully Revealed, 12GB RAM and 2.3GHz 8 Core CPU

Microsoft has revealed the specs of Project Scorpio to Eurogamer. The Xbox One console will also get 40 customized compute units, and 4K UHD Blu-ray drive, and a 1TB hard drive.

Microsoft Project Scorpio Shows Up on Amazon Pre-Order Page

The pre-order placeholder for Project Scorpio on Amazon follows Microsoft’s similar page on its own store. At the moment, users cannot see the price or place an order for the console.
Xbox project scorpio E  official Microsoft press show

Project Scorpio Exclusive Information Coming Thursday, Confirms Eurogamer

The outlet with exclusive Xbox Project Scorpio information is Eurogamer and the reveal will happen on Thursday at 2pm UK / 6am Pacific.
Scorpio Chip Tease E Microsoft

Microsoft Project Scorpio Specs Could be Revealed This Week

A new report suggests one outlet has been given access to Project Scorpio and will announce the console’s specifications this week. Microsoft has previously said it will detail the device before its full launch at E3 2017.

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