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Skype for Mac Update Has Caused Broken Screen Sharing Tool

Microsoft’s recent version update for Skype for Mac has caused some problems for users on the screen sharing feature.

Skype Update Brings Call Scheduling to Mobile and Desktop

Call Scheduling is available for Skype across platforms, while desktop versions now support drag and drop from the contact list.

Skype Insider Update Arrives with Group Call Scheduling

A new Skype Insider update has added group call scheduling alongside a new drag and drop contacts to conversations feature.

Microsoft Brings Major Skype Update to Desktop and Mobile

Skype has scored several new message and productivity features across iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.
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Microsoft Admits That Humans May Listen to Your Skype Calls and Cortana Questions

Changes to Microsoft's privacy policies admit that human contractors sometimes review Skype Translator calls and Cortana requests.

Report: Cortana/Skype Conversations are Not Private as Microsoft Contractors Listen In

Microsoft is allowing its contractors to listen to private conversations on Skype and Cortana, a practice other tech companies are halting.
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Skype for Business Online to Close July 2021 as Microsoft Teams Takes Over

Microsoft Teams has folded Skype for Business Online into its feature list and Microsoft will close the Skype tool in two years.

Skype Brings Screen Sharing to iOS and Android for General Users

Skype has launched the iOS and Android screen sharing feature for video calls on mobile, now available for all users.
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You Can Now Screen Share via Skype for Web Preview on Chrome

Users of the Skype for web preview can share their screens in Chrome but are currently unable to webcam at the same time. It's not clear when the feature will come to other browsers.

Skype Preview Resurrects Notifications When Contacts Come Online

A new old feature is landing on Skype Preview. The return of contact notifications let you know when someone on your list comes online.

Microsoft Tests Screen Sharing during Video Calls on Skype for Android and iOS

Skype for Android and iOS users can share their screen during a call with a couple of taps, displaying documents, webpages, and more to their friends.

Skype Has Been Automatically Answering Incoming Calls on Android

Skype has been answering calls on Android devices connected to smartwatches since January, even overriding when the feature is disabled.
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Microsoft Removes Cortana Bot from Skype

Continuing a general step away from bots, Skype has removed the Cortana bot just as Microsoft starts promoting Alexia on Skype.

Skype Preview Adds New Speaker View Tool

Speaker View is available across platforms to Skype Insiders and automatically focuses on whoever is speaking during a group call.

Microsoft Confirms Skype Instant Messaging Issue Affecting Global Users

A problem in Skype Instant Messaging is causing problems for users around the world. Microsoft says it is working on a solution.

Skype Preview Receives File Sharing Preview

Microsoft has updated the Skype Preview to version on Windows, Mac, and Linux with a new file sharing preview.

Skype Now Supports 50 People in Group Calls

Microsoft has doubled the capacity for group call participants in Skype, while also improving the notification experience to be less intrusive.

New Skype for Web Experience Seemingly Denies Access to Chromebooks

The newest version of Skype for Web brings a number of important features, but it also seems incompatible with Chromebooks, Firefox, and some Linux distributions.

Skype on Windows Desktop Regains Call Merging Feature

Microsoft has brought back the popular call merging feature for Skype on Windows desktop, available to Insider Program members.

Google Duo Arrives Online as Skype Web Competitor

Google Duo is increasingly positioning itself as a viable competitor to Skype and is now officially available on web browsers.


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