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Microsoft Announced a Number of New Skype Bots

The company’s Skype Bots plans are gathering pace. Today the Skype Team announced new bots today, including a Skyscanner Bot and StubHub Bot.
Microsoft Bot Framework Microsoft Skype

Skype Bots Framework Updated: Third Party Authentication and Microsoft Bot Framework Integration

The latest update to the Skype Bots Framework enhances its feature set even more, while Microsoft continues to garner strong developer support.
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Microsoft Inviting Developers to Build Skype Bots at Palo Alto

Developers can visit Skype and work with Microsoft experts in creating bots, with the most innovative and engaging able to win a prize.
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Microsoft Brings Skype Bots to Mac and Web Platforms

After announcing Skype Bots last month, Microsoft is expanding the feature to more platforms, confirming a roll out for both Mac and Web.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft Debuts Skype Bots

While we expect to hear more about Skype tomorrow when Microsoft moves onto cloud services, the company discussed the communication during day one of the 2016 Build conference.
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Microsoft Will Axe Its Skype Translator Bot, Outlook Customer Manager, and Invoicing

Skype Translation will be available as a built-in feature, but Outlook Customer Manager and Microsoft Invoicing are gone for good.
Cortana in Skype

Microsoft Removes Cortana Bot from Skype

Continuing a general step away from bots, Skype has removed the Cortana bot just as Microsoft starts promoting Alexia on Skype.

Interview: Microsoft´s Paul Stubbs on Current Bot-Offerings with Azure, Skype, Cortana, Voice Recognition and...

Paul Stubbs, Director of Product Marketing AI & Bots at Microsoft, shares his insight into creating Microsoft-based bots with the currently available tools and services from the company.

Microsoft and BBC Launch Doctor Who Bot for Skype

The bot invites users to join an interactive game called “The Savior of Time” and save the universe by solving a series of puzzles, quizzes, and other challenges. Skype has released a package of Doctor Who emojis along with the bot.
Skype For Android Bot Cards Accessibility Own

Microsoft Updates Skype for Android with Accessibility Support for Bot Cards

Skype for Android version 7.16 allows lets bot cards adapt to accessibility options, fixes stability issues on Samsung devices and resolves screen orientation issues.
Skype Bot Android Update Screenshots Own

Microsoft Updates Skype for Android with New Bots, Bug Fixes

Skype for Android update v7.13.9.708 adds new Skype Bots, as well as a number of bug fixes and improvements.

Microsoft Skype Test: Can You Solve the Puzzle 10 times to Use the Service?

Microsoft is using an annoying puzzle captcha for Skype on Microsoft Accounts that must be solved 10 times before accessing the app.

Microsoft Teams and Skype Interoperability Goes Live

Microsoft Teams and Skype are now connected as promised by Microsoft in March. Both services are now connected across some features.
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Skype Phishing Attack Targets COVID-19 Remote Workers

A new phishing attack targeting Skype users during the COVID-19 outbreak has been discovered. Researcher describe the attack as detailed.

Microsoft’s Plasma Bot Helps Covid-19 Survivors Donate Blood

Microsoft's Plasma Bot screens potential plasma donators for lingering infections and underlying health conditions, before directing them to a nearby center.

Microsoft Forgotten GroupMe App Scores Skype Video Call Integration

Microsoft does not show its GroupMe app much love, but now the app is receiving a direct link to Skype on Android.

Microsoft Teams and Skype to Become Connected in April

Starting next month, Microsoft Teams and Skype users will be able to call and message each other through a new integration.
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Report: Chinese Contractors Have Been Transcribing Skype and Cortana Audio With “No Security”

Microsoft reportedly hired Chinese contractors to review Skype and Cortana audio samples. One of those workers says passwords were sent via plaintext and work was done from home via a web portal.

Skype’s Latest Feature Lets You Call Someone Who Doesn’t Have an Account

Skype's Meet Now feature makes it much easier to connect with those who don't use the platform, which a simple link system providing easy access for group calls.

Microsoft Could Bring Back Skype Usernames

Microsoft is working on Skype usernames but the feature is in slow development because of technical and legal obstacles.