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LinkedIn Moves Closer to Modern Social Media with Snapchat-like Stories

LinkedIn is testing Snapchat-like stories internally, and will soon roll them out to testers. The short time-limited video clips are designed to quickly convey important professional moments and tips.

Snapchat Conquers Skype With Virtual Snap Camera for Windows 10 and MacOS

Snap has made a major move towards desktop users on third-party services with Snap Camera, an app that brings filters and lenses to Skype, YouTube, and Twitch.

Microsoft Removes SnapChat Inspired Highlights From Skype

Just a year after including it in a Skype overhaul, Microsoft has cut Highlights from its iOS and Android apps.
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Google Is Rolling out Snapchat-like ‘AMP Stories’ to Mobile Search

Google's AMP Stories promise a rich multi-media experience for users and easy content creation for publishers. However, monetization options are unclear at this point.
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Snapchat Details Much-Needed Design Overhaul

While Snapchat has influenced rivals with its features, the service’s design has been lacking for some time. Now, the app is preparing for a major overhaul.

Skype Draws Inspiration from Snapchat with New Photo Effects

Photo effects are available in the Highlights feature on the new Skype experience, giving users easy access to effects filters post-photo.

Hundreds of Thousands of Snapchat Spectacles Have Been Left Unsold

Snapchat Spectacles may have sold over 150,000 units, but a recent report suggests that hundreds of thousands more are sitting in warehouses in China. The information follows unrelated layoffs at the company.

Microsoft to Bring Snapchat-Esque Filters to Skype App

The Skype App's filters include location-specific content, weather data, overlays, and more. Microsoft is also working on improvements to the messaging experience.

Snapchat Launches Snap Map Feature

Snap Map is a location service inside Snapchat which will show users where their friends are and what activities are taking place in their area.

Microsoft Delivers Biggest Skype Update in 10 Years and Hits Snapchat and Messenger Head...

Skype now feels like a new service thanks to an almost complete overhaul that ranges from modern design, intuitive controls, increased bot support, and a new Stories-like feature called Highlights.
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WhatsApp Beta for Windows Mobile Gets UI Tweaks and Hidden “Snapchat Story” Feature

WhatsApp now aligns more closely with the rest of the Windows ecosystem, featuring a Windows 10 style interface and GIF search support.
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Snapchat Adds Group Chat Feature with up to 16 People

The latest Snapchat update includes group messaging, Shazam integration, new editing tools and more.
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Microsoft Support Worker Drops Snapchat on Windows 10 Mobile Hint

Did a Microsoft employee just confirm Snapchat is close to a Windows 10 Mobile release? Get ready for speculation but nothing concrete.
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Snapchat Shaping for Massive Revenue Push in 2016

Video messaging company, Snapchat, is predicting a revenue push in 2016 that would be six times above last year’s forecast.
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Snapchat Tries To Calm Down Privacy Doubts After Updating Terms Of Service

Snapchat, after updating in “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy”, is now reassuring users that the level of privacy on the photo sharing application is exactly the same as it was before. The company has clarified that they could not and do not stockpile private snaps or chats for any reason.
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Elon Musk Wants Twitter to Bring Vine Back from the Dead

Elon Musk says Twitter may bring back Vine after 70% of 4.9 million poll participants called for the video app to return.

Windows and Android Users Are Being Targeted by Typosquatting Attacks

A new report shows that a typosquatting campaign is targeting both Windows and Android platforms by copying legit domains.

Meta Told to Sell Giphy by UK Competition Regulator

The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) says Meta must sell Giphy and the company confirms it will comply.

Report: TikTok Employees Found Also Working for Chinese State Media

Forbes reports hundreds of TikTok employees have links with Chinese state media, while a group are still working for outlets.

TikTok and Reddit Score Worst in Social Media Carbon Emissions Test

Compare the Market has a new calculator that shows how much carbon a user emits when using social media apps.