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Microsoft Commits to Universal Windows Platform Despite Win32 Push

Microsoft says the Universal Windows Platform is not finished yet, although it is moving closer to Win32 applications.
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Qt Company Could Drop Universal Windows Platform for Qt 6 Release

Universal Windows Platform support could be removed from the next version of the Qt tool-kit software update.

Windows 10 1803 Comes With Multi-Instance Universal Windows Platform Apps

In a big step forward for the Universal Windows Platform, Microsoft is bringing multi-instance app support to Windows 10.
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Microsoft Debuts New Marketing Features for Universal Windows Platform Apps

Users of the Windows Dev Center can now market their Universal Windows Platform applications with reengagement ad campaigns and push notifications for targeted customers.
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Cortana on Xbox One will Hook into Universal Windows Platform Apps

Cortana functioning across devices is a major part of Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) plans. However, the virtual assistant currently has limited functionality on the Xbox One. Microsoft says eventually Cortana will communicate with UWP apps.
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Microsoft Responds to Tim Sweeney’s Criticism of the Universal Windows Platform

The Epic Games co-founder has challenged Microsoft’s plans for the Universal Windows Platform, stating it is designed to break competitors. However, Microsoft insisted today that the platform is open.
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Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Now Supports Unreal Engine 4

Game developers can now code games on all Unreal Engine 4 licenses to run on the UWP platform. The project is community-supported, with periodic updates from Microsoft's Xbox Advanced Technology Group (ATG) to help accelerate game development for UWP.
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Universal Windows Platform Gets another Slam from Epic Games CEO

Tim Sweeney, co-founder of Gears of War developer Epic Games, has been a vocal critic of Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform. In his latest salvo, Sweeney says he is concerned the company is trying to break competitors such as Steam.
Remote Desktop Universal Windows Platform Updated with Desktop Scaling

Remote Desktop Universal Windows Platform Updated with Desktop Scaling

The latest update for Remote Desktop bring limited but important new functionality. The app was one of Microsoft’s first Universal Windows Platform applications.
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Universal Windows Platform Apps Arrive on Xbox One

Preview builds of Windows 10 on the Xbox One are allowing installation of Universal Windows Platform apps such as Netflix and MSN Weather. Full UWP functionality will arrive with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Skype Preview Windows  Skype Blog

Skype Preview for Universal Windows Platform Updated for Insiders

Microsoft’s latest additions to the UWP Skype Preview app include larger group chats, while the company is promising a slew of new features for later in the summer.
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Windows Store Displaying Xbox One Games on PC as Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform Plans...

Xbox One games are now being displayed in the Windows Store on PC, another integration of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which will see all Windows devices share the same platform.
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Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform Titles get Framerate Boost from DirectX Update

DirectX has announced an update for Windows 10 that will give Universal Windows Platform (UWP) games a high framerate to improve graphics and gameplay.
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Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform Concerns Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney

Respected gaming industry leader, Tim Sweeney of Epic Games, is still unconvinced by Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform.
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Microsoft Announces Windows App Studio Installer as another Universal Windows Platform Addition

Microsoft has launched a new application to all Windows 10 devices today. Called Windows App Studio Installer, the app is a companion software that makes installing other apps easier.
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Microsoft Confirms E3 News Conference to Discuss Xbox and Universal Windows Platform

The company has confirmed its attendance at a stripped down E3, where Microsoft will talk all things Xbox and likely drop a few surprises.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft Announces Facebook Support for Windows through Universal Windows Platform

As expected, Microsoft has opened up further regarding the Universal Windows Platform, going into detail on its concept to unify the Windows 10 platform into a giant ecosystem that crosses form factors.
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Microsoft Backing Down and Releasing Universal Windows Platform Skype App

After splitting the service into three separate apps last year, Microsoft says it has listened to users and will now push out a UWP integrate Skype experience to Windows 10 users.
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Microsoft Working on Fix for Framerate Lock that makes Universal Windows Platform Games Stutter

Early titles on UWP have been rendered hard to play because of low framerates, thanks to a mandatory feature that locks the framerate, but Microsoft says it is listening to user feedback and is fixing the issue.
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Microsoft Confirms Universal Windows Platform Games Coming to Xbox One this Summer

The Xbox One is going to get universal games from the Universal Windows Platform this summer, while Microsoft will also merge the Windows Store with the Xbox Store on the console.

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